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What are social networking without users? Here, you will learn how to manage users and ensure the smoothness of your site.

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Importing Users With Csv

Importing Users with CSV

EasySocial allows you to import users via a CSV file. Before importing, ensure that your CSV file has the appropriate values set. The following are the mandatory fields needed by EasySocial to import users:

  • Name - This would be the user's name

  • Username - This would be the user's username

  • Password - The password of the user. It could be a plain text or an already encrypted MD5 hash (based on Joomla's encryption method)

  • E-mail Address - The user's e-mail address

Example CSV File:

Sample CSV File

Step 1

Access the import user's screen as you can see from the screen shot below and browse for your csv file. Do take note that you will need to also link these imported users to a profile type.

Uploading CSV file

Step 2

Upon selecting the file, you will be able to map the fields accordingly by choosing the dropdown from each of the columns.

Uploading CSV file

On this screen, you will also be prompted with the following choices:

  • Auto Generate Password - In the event that you do not want to import a password for the user, enabling this option will generate a password for each of the imported users automatically.

  • Automatically Approve User - If you have user moderation enabled, enabling this would ensure that the user is approved automatically.

  • Password Type - In the event you do intend to import the user's password, you may choose the password type.

Once you have finalized the field mapping with the columns from the CSV file, click on the Confirm Field Selection button and follow the steps on the following screen.

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