SECURITY UPDATE EasyDiscuss 4.1.16 Released. Important security update and minor bug fixes 🔑


Thank you for purchasing EasySocial! In this section, you will learn on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install EasySocial on your site.

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Installing Beta Package

Reminder: Please DO NOT install any beta package on a live site. It might still contain bugs or break the site. We will not take any responsibility nor provide any assistance if this occurs. Please understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that this does not happen.

When a beta package is released, it will always be a Full Installer package as it would not be uploaded to our site for distribution purposes. Before installing EasySocial beta package on your test site, please make sure that [PHP:upload_max_filesize] is set higher than the beta package size and the Minimum System Requirements are met to allow smooth installation.

Installing a beta package is pretty much the same as installing the extension with a full installer. You may refer to the full installation guide here.

Encounter any issues? Please contact us at our Helpdesk.

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