Thank you for purchasing EasySocial! In this section, you will learn on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install EasySocial on your site.
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Before we begin, ensure that you have met the minimum requirements in order for EasySocial to operate correctly. You may find the basic requirement for EasySocial here:


EasySocial requires that you have Joomla! installed on the site. EasySocial supports the following versions of Joomla!:

  • Joomla 2.5+
  • Joomla 3.4.7+(Recommended because of security fixes by Joomla)

PHP Requirements

EasySocial runs on PHP and it requires PHP to exist on the site.

  • PHP v5.3.3+ and above.
  • ZIP Library. Much faster extraction process.
  • GD Library. In order to manipulate images that are uploaded on the site.
  • CURL Library. In order for EasySocial to perform outgoing connections.
  • Iconv package to be installed on your server.
  • FFMpeg v2.8.x Library. Used in video manipulation on the site.
  • MB String Library. Used in manipulating strings.

PHP Settings

Settings Minimum Recommended Reason
memory_limit 64MB 128MB It determines the maximum amount of memory that site can use.
upload_max_filesize 8MB 128MB It determines the size of files that can be uploaded on the site.
post_max_size 8MB 128MB It determines the size of files that can be posted on the site.
max_execution_time 60 120 It determines the maximum execution time for the site in seconds.
magic_quotes_gpc Off Off On Joomla 3 and above, this needs to be explicitly disabled as per Joomla's requirements.

MySQL Requirements

EasySocial requires a minimum version of MySQL 4.1.3+

Checking System Requirements

Joomla! provides system administrator's an extremely simple method to check the your system requirements. These options are available through System > System Information.

You can also create a very simple PHP script and include the codes below in your php file.

    // This is a very simple method to load up php's settings.

Recommended Hosting Providers

We have ran a couple of tests on these hosting providers and we recommend them because we've ran a couple of tests on them and they seem to be pretty good at it. (At your own risk)

  • CloudAccess - Official Joomla! demo provider. They know what they are doing.
  • SiteGround - Optimized to run on Joomla! sites.
  • Rackspace - Pretty good support and fast.

Still Need Help?

Still can't get the answer? Let our support team assist you further. You can just voice out your problem here via our forum and ticket.

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