EasyDiscuss 4.0.19


What are social networking without users? Here, you will learn how to manage users and ensure the smoothness of your site.

You can show author's information at the bottom of your Joomla article by first installing the Articles plugin from our site. The plugin will also enhances articles by adding comments on normal Joomla articles. Here's the steps on how to download and enable this plugin.

Installing The Plugin

  1. Navigate to the EasySocial's Articles page here.
  2. Click on the download button. You should be downloading the file plg_content_easysocial_1.0.4.zip.
  3. Navigate to your backend > Extensions > Extensions Manager.
  4. On the Install page, click Choose File, chose the file plg_content_easysocial_1.0.4.zip and click on the Upload & Install button.
  5. You should be getting the green message Installing plugin was successful.

Setting Up The Plugin

  1. Still in your backend, click on Extensions > Plugin Manager. Once you're in the Plugin Manager page, type in easysocial in the filter and click on the search button.
    Users Listing

  2. Click on the plugin name Content - EasySocial.
    Users Listing

  3. In the setting page, click and ensure that the option Display Author Information is set to Yes.
    Users Listing

  4. Enable the plugin and click Save.
    Users Listing

Ensuring It Works!

  1. Create a Joomla article and assign it to any users.
  2. Check the article from the front end, the user's information should be displayed at the bottom of the article.
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