EasyDiscuss 4.0.19


Learn how to edit, compile, and over-ride currents themes in EasySocial.

There are 4 types of stylesheets:

  • Global stylesheets
  • Component stylesheets
  • Theme stylesheets
  • User-configured stylesheets

Global stylesheets

Global stylesheets are located in /media/foundry/4.0/styles.

The purpose of global stylesheets is to provide shared stylesheets that is used by all components. It contains stylesheets that accompanies the script counterpart. For example, if you use dialog, your theme stylesheet should import dialog's stylesheet at and add your own further modifications, e.g.

@import "dialog";

// Dialog customization specifically for my theme
.dialog-close-button {
    background: red;

Component stylesheets

Component stylesheets are located in /media/com_component/styles.

The purpose of component stylesheets is to provide shared stylesheets that is used by both site and admin theme stylesheets.

Component stylesheets contain:

  • Configuration stylesheet.
  • Main component stylesheet.
  • Additional stylesheets.

Configuration stylesheet

Configuration stylesheet is located in /media/com_component/styles/config.less. It contains mixins & variables that is used to compile component & theme stylesheets. It MUST at least contain a @ComponentName variable:

@ComponentName: "#cp_";

Main component stylesheet

Main component stylesheet is located in /media/com_component/styles/component.less. This file must import the config file and ideally should follow the following format:

@import "config";

(~"@{ComponentName}") {
    /* Stylesheet here */

Additional stylesheets

Additional stylesheets are non-essential stylesheets that can be imported only when they are required.

Theme stylesheets

Theme stylesheets are located in /components/com_component/themes/theme_name for site themes and /administrator/components/com_component/themes/theme_name for admin themes.

Component stylesheets contain:

  • Main stylesheet.
  • Section stylesheet

Main stylesheet

  • style.json - Manifest
  • style.css - Compiled stylesheet
  • style.default.css - Default fallback stylesheet
  • style.xml - UI Configuration file (1.3+)
  • style.cache - Cache file
  • style.less - No longer used. Replaced by manifest.

Section stylesheet

  • photos.less - Section stylesheet
  • photos.css - Compiled stylesheet
  • photos.default.css - Default fallback stylesheet
  • photos.xml -- UI Configuration file (1.3+)
  • photos.cache -- Cache file
  • photos\variables.less -- Section variables
  • photos\item.less -- Child stylesheet
  • photos\item.php -- Child stylesheet generator (1.3+)

Every section stylesheet, e.g. photos.less MUST import configuration file at the very beginning of the stylesheet. It should also contain ONLY import directives, e.g.

@import "config"
@import "photos/variables"
@import "photos/item"
@import "photos/browser"

User-configured stylesheets (1.3+)

User-configured stylesheets are located in /media/com_component/themes/site/theme_name for site themes and /media/com_component/themes/admin/theme_name for admin themes.

The purpose of user-configured stylesheet is to provide a place for users to add their own custom configurations to the theme stylesheet.

User-configured stylesheets are the placed highest in the import ordering seeking order and the stylesheet files here are generated from the backend theme configuration page.