Learn how to edit, compile, and over-ride currents themes in EasySocial.

The main stylesheet @{theme}/styles/style.less is sent to the php less compiler and outputs to @{theme}/styles/style.css.

Cache file

The compiler also creates a cache file @{theme}/styles/style.cache which is a serialized php object that contains:
* File modification date the main stylesheet.
* File modification date of all imported external stylesheets.


When compiling fails, it will attempt to load the last compiled stylesheet @{theme}/styles/style.css. If the last compiled stylesheet does not exist, it will revert to the failsafe stylesheet @{theme}/styles/style.failsafe.css. Failsafe stylesheet is the pre-compiled stock stylesheet the came bundled with the component package.

Compile behaviour

Under the component's configuration.ini file, there should be a setting to determines how and when theme stylesheets are compiled.

layout_compile_stylesheet = auto | cache | force | manual
auto Uses manual during production mode. Uses cache during development mode.
cache Compiles whenever there are new changes within the stylesheet files. If compile fails, load failsafe stylesheet.
force Compiles on every page load. If compile fails, load failsafe stylesheet.
manual Loads last compiled stylesheet. If last compiled stylesheet is not found, load failsafe stylesheet.

Backend configuration switch

  • When switching to "cache/force" compile, it should attempt to recompile the stylesheet using 2 separate ajax request FIRST, one for frontend, one for backend.
  • If both request are successful, then ONLY switch to the "cache/force" compile mode.
  • If there's an error in one of those ajax request, then PREVENT them from switching.
  • Also offer a button to manually recompile using the same 2 ajax request method.
  • The reason why it needs to be done this way is to ensure user doesn't switch to one mode and after saving the configuration page, everything white-out.