This section is intended for web developers or 3rd party vendors who build apps around EasySocial. It contains API guides and helpful documentation to start creating your apps.

Stream Output

To manipulate a stream output, you will first need to create an application for EasySocial. Your application can just be created to manipulate streams as there is no requirements for applications to be displayed on a profile.

Once you have already created your application, you will need to create a method in your application engine file.


If your application element is called textbook, you will need to create the function below in the textbook.php file.

public function onPrepareStream(SocialStreamItem &$item , $includePrivacy = true)
    // Since every stream item is triggered, we only want to process known context.
    if ($item->context != 'textbook') {

    // Get the actor of the stream item. This is a SocialUser object.
    $actor = $stream->actor;

    // Get the verb of the stream item since we need to have different outputs based on the verb.
    $verb = $stream->verb;

    if ($verb == 'add') {
        // Set the title of the stream
        $stream->add = JText::sprintf('%1s created a new textbook', $actor->getName());

        // We want to display eht contents of the textbook
        $stream->content = JText::_('This is some discription of the book that the author have just created!');