Already own EasySocial? Here, you will learn how to update your backdated EasySocial to the latest version.

Updating EasySocial 1.3.x To 2.0

Whenever the version of EasySocial on the site is outdated, you will notice a box appearing on the sidebar that looks similar to the following screenshot.

EasySocial Outdated


Before proceed with the updates, please ensure that the following pre-requisites has been checked. This can be very helpful if anything went south, you will be able to restore your previous stable site.

  1. Backup of the site's database (For just in case purposes).
  2. IMPORTANT Backup of the modified core files.
  3. IMPORTANT Renamed any template override files (if any) from your templates.

Updating EasySocial 1.3.x to 2.0 requires you to download a new launcher from our site. You will not be able to update EasySocial through Get Update button.

Please bear in mind that during the upgrade process:

  1. Core files will be overwritten.
  2. Core theme files will be overwritten.
  3. Database tables might be updated (If there are new table structure added).

Please do understand that we will not be responsible if your modified files are deleted during the update process. It is your responsibility to make a backup of your own files.

Download The Installer

The installer can be found on our site, which is on your Dashboard. Once logged into your account dashboard, you should be able to see the list of subscriptions that you're currently having. Choose EasySocial and click on download Full Package button to get the installer package.

EasySocial Download

If this is your first time downloading the installer package, our system will prompt you to register the domain name of your site. This domain name must be a valid domain of yours because it will be used when requesting support from us.

System Requirements Validation

On the first screen of your installation process, a list of pre-requisites of EasySocial will be displayed. The site must meet the Minimum System Requirements before continuing the installation process.

EasySocial Installation

EasySocial Installation

Installation Options

There are two installation options available for EasySocial. As for this guide, we'll be using Installation via the Directory.

EasySocial Installation

Installation Process

When the installation process started, you'll see a screen that looks similar to below. If everything goes well, the installation should not display any error. Should there by any, please refer to the Installation Issues documentation for more information.

EasySocial Installation

Post Installation Maintenance

There are times when the EasySocial needs to run specific update/maintenance routines to ensure the data integrity of the system. They will be executed during this steps. Rest assure it would only take a few seconds.

EasySocial Installation


Now, the installation process is completed. You may now start configuring EasySocial settings by clicking on Launch Backend button or experience EasySocial from user point of view by clicking on Launch Frontend button.

EasySocial Installation