Smileys are what makes sharing, commenting, and chatting more fun. Here, you will learn on how to configure smileys for EasySocial.
  18 October 2016

EasySocial also comes with a set of useful smileys that can be used when posting on the stream in conjunction when certain smiley codes are used. You will find a list of smileys available on the table below:

Text Output Definition
>:( Angry Smiley Angry
8( Cool Smiley Cool
8D Ecstatic Smiley Ecstatic
:x Zipper Smiley Zipper
:) Happy Smiley Happy
<3 Heart Smiley Heart
|:) , (angel) Angel Smiley Angel
(devil) Devil Smiley Devil
:3 Kiss Smiley Kiss
(eek) Eek Smiley Eek
:( Sad Smiley Sad
:P Tongue Smiley Tongue
:o , (surprised) Surprised Smiley Surprised?
;) Wink Smiley Wink
;( , (cry) Cry Smiley Cry
(confuse) Confused Smiley Confused
:D, (lol) LOL Smiley LOL
(cash) Money Smiley Money face
(sleepy) Sleepy Smiley Sleepy
(:| , (swt) Sweat Smiley Sweat
(think) Think Smiley Thinking
(nerd) Nerd Smiley Nerd
:$ Blush Smiley Blush
(kitty), (meow) Kitty Smiley Kitty

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