Thank you for purchasing EasySocial! In this section, you will learn on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install EasySocial on your site.
  Mohd Yasser   18 October 2016   Beginner

Installing EasySocial

EasySocial comes with 2 different installation packages that you could choose from. Below is the list of packages that we provide and can be downloaded from your Dashboard area:

  • Launcher (Smaller filesize) - Can be used to install via Joomla's Extension Manager.
  • Full (Larger filesize) - Combination of both Launcher and Component.

Launcher Package* (Recommended)

This is the recommended installation package to download and ideal for beginners. Launcher is basically an installer shells. It's sole purpose is to render the setup screen and perform the various required installation methods. It does not contain the component package.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Installation Modes

Launcher allows you to install EasySocial via the following channels:

  1. Installation over the network. Difficulty level, Easy
  2. Installation over the directory. Difficulty level, Advanced

Approximate time to complete installation: 5 minutes

Full Package (Advanced)

The full package consists of both the launcher and the component package.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Full Package Installation

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