One of EasySocial's unique features are Profiles. With Profiles, you can determine user's accesses to your site. Grab a cup of coffee, this might take a while! :)
  Mohd Yasser   18 October 2016   Beginner


EasySocial comes with a profile system which allows you to create multiple profiles for users on the site. This is very useful functionality for sites that runcs on multiple user types or subscription based. It also allows you to separate different user workflows for different segment of users on your site.

Consider this scenario:

You have both Teachers as well as Students that signs up on your site. However, you don't actually want to ask the Students group their field of teaching and vice versa when you want to request more information from Teachers. This is where profiles would come in handy because it allows you to request for information dependent on the profile type the user is signed up with.


There are several benefits which we can list down.

  • User Segmentation.
  • Proper User Workflows.
  • Customizable Access depending on the profile type the user is registered with.

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