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There are lots of custom fields that you can use to customize your site. Here, you will learn on these fields and how to configure them.
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Joomla Username Field

EasySocial comes with a wide variety of configuration options that allows you to quickly customize most of the behavior of EasySocial. In this section, we'll briefly guide you with the Joomla Username Field. To access this custom field, you will need to navigate to Joomla > Components > EasySocial > Profile Types > (Choose any profile) > Custom Fields.

This field is related to the username field on Joomla. It mimics the same behavior as a Joomla username does but offers additional flexibility.

Joomla Username


Joomla Username

  • Display check username button - If enabled, the check username button will appear beside the username field.
  • Disallowed usernames - If specified, the system would reject these usernames. Separate each username followed by a comma. E.g: username1, username2.
  • Enable Regexp validation - This will enable Regular Expression validation with the format that you specify.
  • Regexp format - Specify the Regular Expression format to validate against.
  • Regexp modifier - Specify the Regular Expression modifier.
  • Minimum character - Specify the minimum character of the username.
  • Allow change on edit - Specify if username is allowed to be modified on edit.


Joomla Username

  • Title - Set a title for your field. The value here can be a language string and it will be translated when being displayed.
  • Description - Set a description for your field. The value here can be a language string and it will then be translated when being displayed.
  • Show Title - To display the title for this field, set to Yes.
  • Show Description - To display the description for this field, set to Yes.

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