EasySocial comes with extra modules to boost your site's usability. Here, you will learn about modules and it's settings.
  Izzan Akmal   18 October 2016   Beginner

This module would display a recent blog post from EasyBlog in your EasySocial

EB post Module

The settings above are broken down into the following:

  • Show Blog Image
    Determines if the blog image should appear in the module.
  • Show Author
    Determines if the author name should be visible in the module.
  • Show Category
    Determines if the category should appear in the module.
  • Show Author Popover
    Determines if the popover on the author's name should appear when hovered.
  • Total # Posts to display
    Determines the total number of blog posts to appear within the module.
  • Sorting Option
    Determines the ordering of the blog posts that appears in the module.

EB post Module

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