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How to Setting Up Recaptcha on EasySocial 1.4.x

To setting up Recaptcha on EasySocial is pretty simple, however, you will need to make sure that:

  1. If you're using EasySocial 1.3.x, click here to continue.

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  2. You have setting up Plugin - Captcha-ReCaptcha.

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Step 1

Navigate to Joomla > Components > Easysocial > Applications > Custom Fields > Recaptcha and enter your Site Key in Public Key and Secret Key in Private Key.

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Step 2

Go to Joomla > Components > Easysocial > Profile Types > (select profile) > Custom Fields > Recaptcha and set Appear in Mini Registration to Yes.

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That's it! ReCaptcha v2 should appear in the registration form.