It's time to configure EasySocial. We'll list all the basics EasySocial configuration settings here.

Cronjob Settings

Cronjob is a scheduled task/command set on your server to be run automatically at a specified time and date. It is very useful to automate repetitive task such as sending emails notification. You can find the Cronjob global settings for EasySocial at Components > EasySocial > Settings > General > Emails > Cronjob Settings.

EasySocial Cronjob Settings

  • Use Secure Cronjob URL
    By setting up the secure cronjob, only people with the Cronjob Key are able to execute the cronjob.
  • Secure Cronjob Key
    Set any appropriate key for the secure cronjob key.
  • Send E-mails On Page Load
    This settings should be turned off by default. However, when it is enabled, emails will be processed whenever a user accesses the page. It is not recommended to turn this option on unless you do not have access to cronjob.

Further information and explanation will be available at Cronjobs.

Secure Cronjob Key

Using insecure cronjob command leaves your site vulnerable to attack. So, in EasySocial, we have introduced a passphrase as a method for protecting your cronjob command. All you need to do is enter your favourite passphrase in the form and click Save. Make sure that Use Secure Cronjob URL is turned Yes or otherwise it will not be working. This secure cronjob key needs to be included together with the cronjob command.

For example, if you're using CPanel Cronjob, your cronjob command would become: