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Setting Up Advanced Search Global Filter
23rd March, 2018
Advanced search in EasySocial is a powerful feature where it allow users to easily search almost everything, that includes their potential life partner. ;)...
eCommerce extension for Joomla - Sellacious
22nd March, 2018
Today, we would like to introduce you to a new partner who recently got on board with us, Sellacious....
EasyBlog 5.2 RC
21st March, 2018
Happy Wednesday everyone! As you can see from the title and blog cover of this post. We would like to announce the availability of EasyBlog 5.2 R...
Charm Template Released
14th March, 2018
The wait is finally over, we are really excited to officially announce the availability of Charm template on our apps store. ...
EasyBlog, Komento & Joomla Templates Updates
9th March, 2018
​Happy Friday folks. We have a couple of exciting updates to bring you through. So, read on to find out more......
ThemeXpert's Meteor Template For EasySocial & EasyArticles
8th March, 2018
​While we are still working on EasyBlog 5.2, PayPlans 4.0 and Charm template simultaneously, we would like to firstly introduce you to Meteor tem...
Charm Template Live Demo
1st March, 2018
On the first day of March, we would like to firstly present you with a sneak peek of Charm template on our live demo....
EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha 2
27th February, 2018
3 weeks has passed since the first release of EasyBlog 5.2 was made available. Before the month of February ends, you will be pleased to know tha...
EasySocial 2.1.9 Update
22nd February, 2018
Before this week ends, we have scheduled a maintenance release for EasySocial. EasySocial 2.1.9 addresses two important fixes which are ...
JD Guerrilla Template For EasyBlog & EasyDiscuss
20th February, 2018
​We hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day and Lunar New Year celebration last week. Today, we would like to introduce you to a new template developed by...
Happy Valentine's Day & Lunar New Year
14th February, 2018
The month of love is here and at StackIdeas, the team and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! A day to celebrate by showing appreci...
EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha Available Now
8th February, 2018
Today, the team and I are extremely proud to announce the availability of EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha. After exhausting ourselves for the past few months, the team manag...
Charm Template & EasySocial 2.1.8
7th February, 2018
It is now early February and the entire team is occupied with the development of EasyBlog 5.2, PayPlans 4 as well as a new template brewing in store :) Read on ...
JoomlaDay Florida 2018 Tickets Giveaway
30th January, 2018
JoomlaDay Florida 2018 is around the corner. We are again privileged to be a part of such an amazing event and community. As one of the event sponsors, we ...
Nish II Template For EasyBlog & EasySocial
25th January, 2018
Happy Thursday folk! Today, we would like to give a special mention to this new and free Joomla template on the block, Nish II which is...
Some Updates For PayPlans 4.0
24th January, 2018
About 3 months ago, we acquired PayPlans from ReadyBytes and the team is still adapting to it; trying to understand the fundamentals of PayPlans. Init...
EasyArticles 1.1 Released
22nd January, 2018
​It has been a while since we last release a maintenance update for EasyArticles. And today, we would like to present you with EasyArticles 1.1, which...
EasyBlog 5.2 Progress Updates Part 2
18th January, 2018
Today, we will sharing with you part two of EasyBlog 5.2 progress updates. So without further ado, let's go through a short recap on EasyBlo...
ConverseKit 1.1.2 Update
15th January, 2018
As we enter the third week into 2018, we have a maintenance update available for ConverseKit. ...
JD Consult Template for EasyBlog
12th January, 2018
It's finally Friday and we would like to introduce to you a brand new template exclusively designed for EasyBlog, by none other than the awesome ...
Office Template Released
11th January, 2018
We are really pleased to announce the stable release of Office template is finally available on our apps store. ...


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