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EasySocial App for iOS and Android

Native mobile app that works on both iOS and Android.

Launch your own native app today!

Dark Mode
EasySocial native comes with built-in dark mode support right out of the box.
Native Video Uploads
Upload videos right from your mobile devices with EasySocial Native App.
Built on React Native
The app is written using React-native and it is optimized for mobile devices.
Cross-platform compatibility
Simultaneously runs on a single codebase for both iOS and Android OS.
Admob Integrations
Monetize from users who download your app with Google Admob.
Native Audio Uploads
Upload audio recordings right from your mobile devices into EasySocial.
Uniquely define and distinguish your social site from others.
Affordable Pricing
Affordable pricing plans for you to get started with your own native apps on iOS and Android.


A build manager where you can customize, build and manage your EasySocial Native App.
General Configuration
Configure general behavior of the app without having to go through lines of codes just to make minor changes.
Layout Customization
Titan allows you to upload images that are used throughout the app. 100% Easy!
Photos & Images Configurations
Configure settings for photos and upload limits from Titan.
Manage Translations
Titan also allows you to update and change language strings.
Build and Download App
Titan assists you with your builds for both iOS and Android.

We removed the headache from the build process for you.

It only takes a click of a button. 😎
Manage Admob Ads
Should you decide to insert advertisements on your app, you may do so by enabling the integrations with Admob by Google.
EasySocial Titan App Builder Preview 1 EasySocial Titan App Builder Preview 2 EasySocial Titan App Builder Preview 3 EasySocial Titan App Builder Preview 4

The all-new Menu Manager

Customize the drawer on the app without modifying any codes at all.
Manage Existing Menus
Determine which menus should be visible or hidden from the app right from Titan.
Customize Menu Items
With the menu manager, you get to customize the iconsets used in the drawer of the app.
Create Custom Menus
Create custom menu items for the drawer and also log the user into the site to provide a seamless experience.
EasySocial Titan App Builder Preview 1 EasySocial Titan App Builder Preview 2
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Dashboard
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Event
EasySocial Native
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Profile
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Album
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Video Category
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Videos
EasySocial Native Preview Light Audio Category
EasySocial Native Preview Light Creat Audio
EasySocial Native Preview Light Audio
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Badges
EasySocial Native Preview Dark Leaderboard

Try out the Public Version.

Try out EasySocial native app with Public Version. You can use the public version as long as you have a valid EasySocial license.


If you do not have EasySocial on your site, you can also try this out on our demo site.

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