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Charm Template Live Demo

Charm Template Live Demo

On the first day of March, we would like to firstly present you with a sneak peek of Charm template on our live demo.

Introducing Charm Template

Charm template was originally inspired for dating or matchmaking sites cater towards a diverse audience. With this in mind, we incorporated social network, relationship advice articles or even discussions safe for any dating community, enveloped all these important key elements within Charm to make your site stand out. 

Charm Template Highlights

Charm runs on Helix Ultimate framework which includes all the goodies from Helix 3, but even better. Helix Ultimate gears Charm with its amazing flexibility, customizability, better user experiences and speedy performance. 

It has 8 preset colors and the freedom to personalize your preferred colors with its built-in auto compiler. Eye catching login form, powerful mega menu, new design layout and intelligent daytime and night mode built-in. 

  • 8 preset colors
  • Powerful mega menu ​
  • New design layout
  • Our very first Dark theme template
  • Intelligent daytime and night mode / manual toggle configuration
  • Support Joomla 3.8 onwards
  • PHP 5.6 and above
  • Utilizes Bootstrap 4
    and many more. 

Final day for Pre-orders

​Today is the last day that we are offering Charm pre-orders for a one time payment of $49. So, quickly grab it while it last. 

Try Now

So, the works for the stable version is still ongoing, meanwhile you are welcome to hop on board and give Charm template a try on our live demo. All you have to do is register an account, activate it and you are good to go.

More updates are coming your way, stay tuned! 


Comments (14)

Awesome guys!
can you add easyblog, easydiscuss and joomla articles to the demo please ?

Yup, we are working on it. It will be up soon. :)

looks great, but the mega menu isn't solve good in the mobile version. Also will the Togglefunction be placed like this or under "profilemenu"? i think the menu is better from vanilla. But on desktop looks this from charm smoother.

Also what i like is the welcompage how it's solved. :) when could we see Easyblog and Easydiscuss pages with this template?

That the limitation of HelixUltimate framework, which mega menu is not displayed in mobile version. :( Offcanvas toggle can be placed left or right. It is toggleable from template option.

Great looking template. I am just wondering.. is it possible to add location of users in the user's page.. say under the user's name..

Yes, it is possible, but you'll need to add customization to achieve that. By default, it would not.


I bought tamplate yesterday.
When i ll be able to download core files?


We will announce on our blog when it is available. We are currently hunting down bugs on the demo site :)

the Togglefunction looks very ugly :/ is it possible to implement this in the settings in the usermenu dropdown?

If you're referring to the offcanvas sidebar, it's actually can be turn on and off.

How about an idea to integrate free photos for templates (Helix Ultimate) but also for ES & EB to be loaded directly into the system upload for picture selection? can use for example https://unsplash.com/license where you get thousands of free pics directly into your system

I like for your idea but it seems to leaned more toward future request for EasyBlog or EasySocial. Feel free to submit us a future request ticket to either EasyBlog or EasySocial and we'll see how many people vote for this cool feature.

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Yasser Ibrahim Yasser Ibrahim

Ah. I missed pre order...

Pavol, you can still pre-order, write to us at https://stackideas.com/contact and we'll hook you up with something :)

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