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PayPlans 4.0 Beta 2 Released
16th November, 2018
Happy Friday folks! We would like to present you with PayPlans 4.0 Beta 2. As there were no major and critical issues reported in yet, ...
Get Notified With OneSignal Web Push Notifications
9th November, 2018
​It's Friday and i will share a little about Web Push Notifications for today's tutorial. ...
Customize SEF Links In Joomla!
2nd November, 2018
For today's tutorial, i will be covering on how to customize SEF links in Joomla!. ...
Updates Available for EasySocial & PayPlans
1st November, 2018
It's the first day of November and Joomla recently released Joomla 3.9 just a couple of days ago. Joomla 3.9 focuses primarily on privacy related matters w...
PayPlans 4.0 Beta Released
19th October, 2018
It's Friday and we are happy to announce that PayPlans 4.0 Beta is now ready for further testing. In this release, we focus mainly on b...
Restrict EasyBlog Post Submissions with PayPlans 4.0
19th October, 2018
​I would like to explain one of several ways you can use to setup PayPlans 4.0 subscription system with EasyBlog....
Simple ways to locate Joomla source code & related files
12th October, 2018
Today, i would like to share how to identify which PHP file is rendering a particular part of Joomla's frontpage and way...
Additional Updates for EasySocial 3.0
11th October, 2018
Before we end this extremely productive week, I would like to take the opportunity to share a little more on the progress updates for the upcoming release...
Speed up your Joomla blogs with Google AMP
5th October, 2018
To date, studies show that over 60 percent of users access the internet from their mobile devices as compared to 2014, which was only a...
Effective ways to prevent blog spammers
28th September, 2018
Hey look! It's that Monday morning again, and you're sitting down with your first cup of coffee while mumbling about "Why did my weekend past by in a ...
EasySocial 3.0 Progress Updates
21st September, 2018
It only has been about two weeks since we released PayPlans 4.0 and while the team was working on PayPlans 4.0, works for EasySocial 3.0 was alre...
PayPlans 4.0 Alpha 2 Released
18th September, 2018
It has been over 2 weeks since we last announced the ​availability of PayPlans 4.0 Alpha. Today, PayPlans 4 Alpha 2 is ready for furthe...
Minitek Wall for EasyBlog & EasySocial
14th September, 2018
It's finally Friday and we would like to quickly introduce you to a cool content display for Joomla. This awesome looking extension was deve...
EasyBlog 5.2.8 Update
13th September, 2018
​Happy Thursday. Today, we would like to present you with a maintenance update for EasyBlog. EasyBlog 5.2.8 mainly addresses minor bug fixes, som...
EasySocial 2.2.4 & ConverseKit 1.1.3 Released
7th September, 2018
Before the week ends, we have scheduled a maintenance update for both EasySocial and ConverseKit. These releases mainly address were minor bug fixes, ...
PayPlans 4.0 Alpha Released
4th September, 2018
It has been almost a month since I shared the last progress update for PayPlans 4.0 and just like yourself, the team and I are also very excited with the releas...
Hassle-free Revisions With EasyBlog
24th August, 2018
One of the feature we have introduced in EasyBlog was the ability to utilize blog revisions. Keeping a history of changes which make switching between revisions...
Template override for EasySocial plugins
20th August, 2018
Let's kick start Monday with a quick tutorial of template overrides for the plugins in EasySocial....
TemPlaza Kavin II Template for EasyBlog
16th August, 2018
Today, we would like to quickly introduce you to Kavin II template developed by the awesome folks from TemPlaza. ...
PayPlans 4.0 Progress Report Part 2
10th August, 2018
Today, I am thrilled to be sharing more progress updates for the upcoming release of PayPlans 4.0. When we acquired PayPlans from ReadyBytes, it wasn't jus...
Facebook Auto-posting For Pages & Groups
1st August, 2018
While our team is currently working round the clock in PayPlans 4.0 development. I would like to share briefly about auto-posting to Facebook groups and pages m...


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