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EasyBlog, Komento & Joomla Templates Updates

EasyBlog, Komento & Joomla Templates Updates

​Happy Friday folks. We have a couple of exciting updates to bring you through. So, read on to find out more...

To start off, EasyBlog 5.2 is finally in Beta. It is an exciting time for us as we are approaching the end development pretty soon. This update contains mostly bug fixes from Alpha and some other refinements added in. 

Well, you know the drill, we strongly do not recommend installing the Beta version on your live site. However, you are welcome and advised only to install it on your staging or development site. Like any of our beta testing phase, all active EasyBlog subscribers are welcome to download, test and more importantly, have fun with it. Feel free to submityour bug reports or feedback on EasyBlog 5.2 thus far, with the buttons below.

Moving on, Komento 3.0.12 addresses a possible cross-site scripting (XSS) attack vulnerability on your site. Aside from the security fix, we have also pushed out the latest minor bug fixes as well. If your site still runs on versions prior to 3.0.12, kindly update to the latest version as soon as you could. 

Considering that we have a couple of users have been asking about the release date of Charm template, you will be pleased to know that we have updated the live demo site with EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento, with EasySocial already installed previously.

This live demo gives you a better idea on how Charm template might turn out, empowering it with all of our main Joomla extensions. Should you encounter other bugs in our live demo, feel free to submit it at our designated forum section below. And unfortunately, we still do not have an exact release date just yet, but we are looking at releasing it somewhere in March.

Wanderers Template Update

Last but not least, we have also applied some fixes important fixes in Wanderers template. Details as follows, 

  • Removed EasyBlog category module override.  
  • Fixed reaction conflict with touchend from Wanderers' tooltips. 
  • Added additional position [position-top-fluid]

Upgrading Wanderers template is just a simple as installing over the new template. You could either install the latest Wanderers template over the existing component, or uninstall the previous version and re-install the latest version once again.

What's next? 

You will be hearing more more PayPlans 4.0 soon, the team has been working really hard behind the scene, revamping everything from scratch. So, bear with us a little more. We are trying to push out an update as soon as we could. Happy testing and have a great weekend folks! ;)

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