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Some of the testimonials that our customers have to say about our extensions and services

All I can say is using products from StackIdeas gives you a feeling like using Apple products while the rest feels just like the rest. It's beautiful, usable and just works. I'm not a coder, but I strongly believe anything happens for a reason and behind the "just work" feature, there is neat and professionally written code.
TSL is the leading lifestyle site in Singapore that reaches over 60% of the population each month. We have been using EasyBlog for years and we love the updates and new features introduced over the years.
As a developer who specializes in building membership and social network site I must say that EasySocial has got it all. To put it into perspective if you had to have a site custom coded to have the features and funcitonality of easysocial you would have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars but with stackideas you can have it all for a modest subscription fee. On top of all that you get the best support in the industry, a very good investment!
It's not often you come across a component that is pretty good at what it does, and comes with an oustanding level of customer support.
Stackideas EasyBlog/EasyDiscuss are COMPLETE products that allow us to successfully create and manage our client sites with a "no questions needed" product.
As the primary end-user during our recent transition to a new website, one of my biggest concerns was the import of content from our previous blog. EasyBlog allowed this process to be a relatively seamless one.
You can successfully integrate professional blogging into the world's most popular self-serve CMS. EasyBlog makes my 'must-install' list for Joomla!
As an IT Professional, finding the right resources for the task at hand is not always easy. However, StackIdeas does this every time! Each and every application that they develop performs as expected and either meets or exceeds our expectations.
I first came to knew about StackIdeas when I was looking for a good blog solution for our Joomla site and they are the best option. I was very surprised about the customer services in StackIdeas. Their staffs are simply awesome. I ended up with purchasing all their amazing products. Yes, all of them!
A modern social software requires workflow and usability. StackIdeas has it all. If you value your web property, StackIdeas is a wise investment.
At ThemeXpert we don’t use any 3rd party extensions except StackIdeas. If I had to use any Joomla extension without any thought, I will definitely go with StackIdeas. They know what they are doing and they are the best.
Hands down the best company i’ve worked with! Support are always there to help, response time is unbeatable. Their extensions are the best in the industry and every thing is always Sleek and clean. Great Company to work with never had an issues and have always recommended them to people I work with, I don’t normally do that.
It is hard to know where to start with StackIdeas. They are an incredibly dedicated team. Build amazing accessible products and above all their support is the best on the planet.
For a Social Car Club and we are very happy to continue our relationship with their product, support and dedication. We will sure be having great times ahead, helping EasySocial to one of the best Social components for Joomla out there.
Using for my music site, it allows me to create a real online community. All you can imagine, EasySocial will give you! Don't waster your time (and money) to search for another one. This is the best in the market!
My business to business social network. The team of EasySocial is a group of people that inspire you, kind personalities, and responsible professionals. I have never faced such a so high level service in Joomla (I have tried hundreds of extensions, I use Joomla since Mambo).
After a good start I had all sorts of installation problems and gave up. Mark did all troubleshooting in the middle of his night to get to the bottom of it. Seemed to be partly my issue and partly theirs. He was so, so helpful. A customer won back! Thank you Mark.
Team StackIdeas is one of the best extension development companies in the Joomla eco system. From EasyBlog to EasySocial they have always proven that there is always a way to do things better and improve! They are our go to choice for Enterprise projects that need these features.
StackIdeas released some very impressive updates for their extensions which have really taken my site to the next level. My users are always sending me positive feedback regarding how much they love the features on my site, as well as how easy it is for them to do what they need to do.
EasyBlog is much easier and much more feature rich. From the ones I've tested EasyBlog was more than one step ahead. it has all that I need but you guys keep improving it with great features.
I have been using EasyBlog for a little while now, and having used a number of other blogging systems listed in JED, I have finally found a component that I am really happy with.
Replacement for forum, style it to fix our needs. Beyond options, a must have for Joomla. Compared to other forums, the functionalities go on and on. Support is superb, a 10+++ rating. Issues? - No questions asked, they will fix it in seconds.
My community website on Joomla 3.6.2. I only use the latest versions of what I consider to be quality extensions and Komento is definitely in that category, working in perfect harmony out of the box with the other products on my website.
I've been a Joomla user for nearly 2 years and this is my first review. I just had to compliment the designers of EasyBlog. It is a great name because it is so easy to set up and use.
Seriously an excellent component. I use this in conjunction with YooTheme ZOO and it knocks the socks off of ZOO's commenting system. Komento is AWESOME!
EasyDiscuss is very easy to install and manage. Definitely not only Q&A component, but something beyond that can take engagement with users to the next level.
EasyBlog is in my opinion the best bloging system for Joomla. We had the quickest support and all our questions were answered. Highly recommend this for your Joomla project.
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