EasyBlog 5.2 RC

EasyBlog 5.2 RC

Happy Wednesday everyone! As you can see from the title and blog cover of this post. We would like to announce the availability of EasyBlog 5.2 RC. 

EasyBlog 5.2 RC is essentially ready for production mode, however be reminded that is still NOT advisable to install RC on your live sites just yet. This will be the final lap of testing before we could finalize the development of EasyBlog 5.2. With that in mind, the more helping hands we have, the quicker we could wrap things up for EasyBlog 5.2. Thank you folks and happy testing! :)


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  1. alexps

Good news

  1. Mark    alexps

Thank you! We are hoping to push the stable release pretty soon!

  1. Erich Brunken

hmm, i have the echo template and i have many mistakes on the style, i hope you fix it.

  1. Sylvie    Erich Brunken

Hey Erich,

If you have any inquiries, kindly post it on our forums and our support guys will try their best to assist you. :)

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