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Charm Template Released

Charm Template Released

The wait is finally over, we are really excited to officially announce the availability of Charm template on our apps store. 

If you are looking a pretty template that is leaning towards online dating, matchmaking, soulmate searching or even penpal sites, then look no further. Charm template might just be the right fit for your Joomla site. 

This is our very first template developed using Helix Ultimate framework which is jam packed with amazing features, far superior than its predecessor, Helix 3. Beautifully designed, clean, flexible, customizable, faster performance, mobile ready and so much more. 

Feature highlights:

  • ​8 preset colors, with new preset style option
  • Powerful mega menu ​
  • New design layout
  • Dark theme template
  • Intelligent daytime and night mode / manual toggle configuration
  • Joomla 3.8 onwards 
  • PHP 5.6 and above
  • Utilizes Bootstrap 4
  • Responsive design
  • Amazing login form

Claiming your pre-orders

Attention all Charm pre-order owners, you should be able to access the template download directly on your Orders Page

Should it be missing from your orders page, kindly contact us along with your #order reference and we will look into it right away. Also, If you happened to miss out on our pre-order offering, not to worry. You can still grab your copy for only $59 on our apps store. 


Comments (19)

Very nice template

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Robert Robert

Thanks Robert!

Excellent template!!! Great job!!!
I have been wondering, wouldn't it be nice to have a siteshaper for this and other templates of yours? Sometimes, I would like to start just from what I see on the live demo page(s). What do others say?

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Alexandre Ndobe Alexandre Ndobe

Thank you Alexandre! Oh, do you mean a quick start package? Yeah, we are actually still figuring out the best way around this because Joomla is updating very frequently and it is very tedious if we need to rebuild a quick start package every time Joomla updates itself lol

hello all, this new and great feature, comes that in to the other templates, i mean you make updates or you bring it as app? i dont like this template but the feature are great... my mean :) and my question.

Hi Erich,

As of now, only Charm template runs on Helix Ultimate. Office and Vanilla runs on Helix 3 framework, while Wanderers, Voyager, Elegant and Echo are not using any framework. Perhaps we might consider developing new template with Helix Ultimate in the future. :)

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Sylvie Sylvie

Oh yes please, please make the other designs awesome too. thank you Sylvie for your information, great to hear it :)

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Erich Brunken Erich Brunken

Thanks Erich, we will consider :)

+1 keep making helix ultimate templates.... :)

Thank you Jean!

Hi looks very nice, but currently i got a problem that i cant switch 2 different colors. Text Colors in dark and light mode.

Thanks for reporting Joy, i seen that you have already created a ticket on this. We too will monitor this issue. :)

This looks good, but just a couple of questions. Is there a tier system for free / paid membership? (I couldn't see it) and is there chat room integration for this template?

Thanks and love the work you all do.

Hi Gary,

I'm not too sure what do you mean here, but free feel to create a new ticket at https://stackideas.com/forums/charm so we could answer your inquires further ;)

I'm looking closely at this one, and as someone else mentioned, are the dark and light text colors able to be configured? Separately? I have a pretty well established site with alot of content- is installing this theme as easy as any other Joomla template or are there special things to consider?

Hi Earl,

Installing this template is pretty straight forward; installing through Joomla extension manager and it will be enabled by default. You may change the text color from the template option, but some of the text such as the header will use the default color.

Currently, this option is a global option in which it's applied for dark and light mode.

Fair enough Mohd, thank you!

I love a lot of the features in this template, but it sadly wasn't a good fit for us as it's not as speedy as Vanilla and doesn't have as many configurable color options on the fly. Still, we're going to keep an eye on this template to see how it grows! That dark mode is awesome, too, and something that Vanilla sorely needs. I hope to see that implemented on your other templates!

Thanks Matt!

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