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Your Plans, Your Way

Flexible Membership

Create unlimited free, trial or paid memebership plans, for different duration whether weekly, monthly or any desired time of recurring plans.

Subscriptons Specifications

Have full control of all subscriptions on your site, changing from active to expired status or for any particular time duration.

Group Categorization

Indicate the different plans or create menu items for different groups on site, apply badges to highlight any desired group.

Decorative Layout

Customize your site's online subscription plans page the way you like with custom css, badges, number of plans whether horizontally or vertically in a row.

Over 50 Payment Gateways Supported

CC Avenue
Merchant Solutions
pay u
Web Money
Various Merchants. Multiple integratable payment gateways, with over 50 merchants to choose that supports free, trial or paid subscriptions.
PayPlans - Extensible Registration
Extensible Registration. Outline proper registration workflows with expansible custom fields.
PayPlans - Powerful Discounts
Powerful Discounts. Automated discounts for renewals or upgrades. Create configurable coupon codes with usage limitation, validity or automation for renewals and upgrades. Get precise data of coupon codes consumption.
PayPlans - Simple Taxation
Simple Taxation. Easy to use app for tax calculations and EU-VAT based compliance.

Dashboard Essentials

PP - Dashboard Essentials

Insightful Dashboard

Detailed subscriptions and invoice details available for end user, downloadable invoice in PDF format. Monitize on existing users with renewals and upgrades or show indication when expiration dates are near.

Essential Indicators on My Purchase

Highlights membership or subscription status, whether in active or expired state. With easy and straightforward cancellation or update payment details process. It also indicates the expected recurring subscription.

Simplified Upgrades & Renewals

Adjustable amount for renewals and upgrades, with simple and straightforward process to follow through.

Subscriptions Management

PP - Subscriptions Management

Access Control

Extensible access control, hold restrictions or grant permissions access for certain group of subscribers to the different resources on your site.

Search & Filters

Allows moderators to find orders or records with sufficient filters necessary for your day to day operation.

Notifications & Alerts

Sends friendly reminders to users on their expected expiration dates of their subscription, to encourage users to stay subscribed. On top of that, it notifies and sents invoices to all user of any transaction made on your site.

Administrative Reports

Adequate Stats and Analytics

A dedicated page for detailed statistics of growth, renewals, discounts or upgrades for every subscriptions on your site.

History Logs

Logged down detailed actions performed for every records on your site.

Third-party Integration

Compatible with Google analytics and other reputable analytics tools. Admin could also export PayPlans data into other analytics tool.

For Developers

Flexibility and Customizable

Gives you the freedom and flexibility to make your PayPlans page to look consistent accoss your site. It also supports language overrides.


Utilize PayPlans in your preferred language to maximize user experience to be more localized.

Developer Treats

Sufficient triggers to work with Payplans system. Has easy to build new integrations ( apps and payment gateways) and has clean and ample API.

PayPlans is the best membership & subscription extension for Joomla.
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