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EasyBlog 6.0.1 Released
4th January, 2022
Happy New Year guys! 🥳 🔥 After months of rigorous testing and feedback from our customers, we are proud to announce the availability of EasyBlog 6.0.1. ...
EasyDiscuss 5.0.1 Released
22nd February, 2021
After months of rigorous testings, our team has just released the stable version of EasyDiscuss 5. For those of you who missed the initial post of EasyDisc...
EasyDiscuss 5.0 - Back to Basics
9th October, 2020
We have been working on EasyDiscuss for almost a decade now and this is one of our biggest rewrite in the history of EasyDiscuss. ...
PayPlans 4.2.1 Available Today
9th September, 2020
PayPlans 4.2.1 is now ready for prime time! Yes, that is right, our team has been working around the clock to get this released because this will be a major mil...
PayPlans 4.2 Beta Available Now
6th July, 2020
Today, I am thrilled to announce the availability of PayPlans 4.2 Beta. The team has been working around the clock to get this released as this is a major miles...


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