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Simple steps to identify and configure translations for Joomla

Having a multilingual site is crucial for certain sites as they cater to an international audience. Many out there do not really know how to properly set up our extensions to cater for multilingual sites, or override translations for strings to better suit the site. Fret not as we present to you a brief tutorial on how to do this.

Get Notified With OneSignal Web Push Notifications

​It's Friday and i will share a little about Web Push Notifications for today's tutorial. 

Customize SEF Links In Joomla!

For today's tutorial, i will be covering on how to customize SEF links in Joomla!. 

Restrict EasyBlog Post Submissions with PayPlans 4.0

​I would like to explain one of several ways you can use to setup PayPlans 4.0 subscription system with EasyBlog.

Simple ways to locate Joomla source code & related files

Today, i would like to share how to identify which PHP file is rendering a particular part of Joomla's frontpage and ways to trace back where an error is coming from. 

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Speed up your Joomla blogs with Google AMP

To date, studies show that over 60 percent of users access the internet from their mobile devices as compared to 2014, which was only at 40 percent. This means mobile users had rapidly increased over the years. If we observed Joomla's ecosystem, more and more developers have already updated their extensions to be mobile-friendly. The problem when browsing the internet via mobile back in the day, there were simply too many elements being displayed on a small screen size. This somehow causes the browser to load unnecessary content which then leads to slow page load. So, in an attempt to make web pages load faster on mobile, Google came up with Google AMP.

Effective ways to prevent blog spammers

Hey look! It's that Monday morning again, and you're sitting down with your first cup of coffee while mumbling about "Why did my weekend past by in a flash of light". Despite all, you opened up your blog and excited to see that someone commented on your latest post. "Fantastic!" you think. "I'm finally starting to get some traction with my site! Monday isn't so bad after all!" Then you looked closer, and you slammed your coffee mug down in disgust. Those comments weren't from excited, engaged readers who truly enjoyed your content and want to join in the discussion. It's from a spammer. Yuck! Monday Sucks!

Joomla Smart Search Indexing With Our Extensions

Smart search indexing is a really great feature in Joomla that allows us to index search results. In today's tutorial post, we will explore the ways to manage smart search indexing across our components.

Hassle-free Revisions With EasyBlog

One of the feature we have introduced in EasyBlog was the ability to utilize blog revisions. Keeping a history of changes which make switching between revisions back and forth in a breeze.

Template override for EasySocial plugins

Let's kick start Monday with a quick tutorial of template overrides for the plugins in EasySocial.

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