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EasyBlog 6.0.1 Released

Happy New Year guys! 🥳 🔥 After months of rigorous testing and feedback from our customers, we are proud to announce the availability of EasyBlog 6.0.1.

EasyBlog 6.0 RC1

We are getting there slowly but surely! Thank you to all of the beta testers for helping us out to crush those bugs. Read on to list the compiled the list of changes since beta 2.

EasyBlog 6.0 Beta 1 Released

I would like to take some time off to share the progress of EasyBlog 6.0 as this will be the biggest update ever since the launch of the composer. Our team went back to the drawing board once again and redesigned everything from scratch. I would like to present you EasyBlog 6.0 Beta 1

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