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Discussion forums done right. Simple, better user experience forums for Joomla.

Compatible with Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x
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Editor Experience
Use stickers, emojis and slash commands in the brand new improved editor.
😍 Emoji, GIFs & Stickers
Integrations with GIPHY to increase interactions between users on the site.
Rich Embed
Quickly embed widgets from Twitter and Github by pasting the links.
Post Preview
Get a glimpse of how the post would look like before submitting the post.
Share Location
Share location in posts to allow others to view your current location.
Attach images, files, videos and many others in your posts.
Custom Fields
Enhanced forum experience with custom fields that can be added to the posts.
Create and share polls within your posts to collect feedback from users.
Slash Command
Quickly execute commands by prefixing with / in your posts.
Search Engines
Optimized for search engines out of the box.
⚡️ Google AMP
Search engines loves AMP pages as they provide a better user experience for users.
Structured Data
Includes structured data for every post so that search engines understands your forums.
Beautiful and structured search engine urls integrated with Joomla.
Customizable URL Format
Configure the behavior of post permalinks with an easy to use configuration tool.
Unicode Permalinks
Supports unicode permalinks out of the box without any hacks.
Built-in tools to protect your forum from spam.
Integrations with Akismet to protect your forums by checking against Akismet database.
Honeypot Trap
A unique method to trap spammers or bots that uses scripts to spam forums.
Integrations with CleanTalk by checking against Cleantalk's database.
Google Recaptcha
Integrates with Google Recaptcha to render captcha image on the forums.
Word Censorship
Built-in censorship feature to help censor text and prevent users from pasting spam links.
Editing Restrictions
Disallow users from editing their post after specified number of days.

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Earn badges, points and manage subscriptions.
Collect points, badges or level-up by participating more.
Points System
Users can achieve points by participating in the forums.
E-mail Digest
Get notified daily, weekly or monthly through e-mail digest.
Built-in mentions system to mention another user on the site.
GDPR Ready
Built-in privacy and request to download user information.
Modules to supercharge your Joomla site.
Ask a Question
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Board Notifications
Board Navigation
Operational Hours
Post Information
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🆕 Filters Module
Integrates with third party apps & services out of the box.
Generates activity stream and integrates with points, conversations as well as notifications.
Integrates with EasyBlog's toolbar giving it a more unified look & feel.
Generates activity stream, points and integrates with notifications.
Displays single sign on buttons from JFBConnect with just a click of a button.
Alta User Points
Integrates with Alta User Points to offer a different points ecosystem.
AddThis Bookmarks
Integrates with AddThis social bookmarks to generate social buttons on the post
ShareThis Bookmarks
Integrates with ShareThis social bookmarks to generate social buttons on the post
Revenue with Google Adwords.
EasyDiscuss Google Adwords
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Generate revenue stream with Google Adwords & EasyDiscuss.

EasyDiscuss includes a built-in Google Adword integrations which allows you to easily embed ads on your forums without all the hassles.

All Other Features
And everything else that you will love in EasyDiscuss.
E-mail parser
Category E-mail Parser
Post Priorities
Post Labels
Amazon S3 Storage
Syntax Highlighter
Autoposting to Facebook
Autoposting to Twitter
Autoposting to Linkedin
Autoposting to Telegram
Autoposting to Slack
Word filtering
Automatically Lock New Post
Configuration of Editor Buttons
Apply No-Follow on Hyperlinks
Video Embedding
Integrations with Gist
Automated locking of posts
Terms & Condition
New Indicator
User Ranking
Image Optimizer Service
Temporary User Bans
Login to Read Full Post
Tagging Limit
Crowd Reporting
Print Preview
Post Filters
Advanced Notification System
User Online State
Gravatar Profile Pictures
Text Based Profile Pictures
EasySocial Profile Pictures
JomSocial Profile Pictures
Profile Signature
About User
Superfast Render Time
Configurable Font Awesome 5.x
CDN Support
100% Open Source
Easy Templating
Optional Q&A Features
RSS Feeds
Built-in Migrators
Using another forum? No worries, we got your back.
Built-in migrator to help migrate your data over from Kunena to EasyDiscuss.
JomSocial Groups
Migrate discussions from JomSocial groups over to EasyDiscuss.
Migrates data from external vBulletin sites over to EasyDiscuss.

Whether you need a solid Q&A or Discussions tool, try out EasyDiscuss.

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