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Sensible Support

Thousands praised us for our remarkable customer service, simply because, you - our customers, comes first!
With our unique hands-on approach to software support, or what we call Sensible Supportâ„¢,
we dare to take the #1 spot as the best Joomla! company

Are you informative?

Provide us in-depth details, steps to replicate the issue and possibly a test account on your website for us to experience the issue first-hand.
Your chance of getting a solution:
Who doesn't love a customer who gives his or her best to get help from the best? You scratch our back, we scratch yours.

Bugs Attack.

You have a sharp mind and a critical eye and you have encountered an error in our software. Time to flaunt your bug hunting skills, report to us now!
Your chance of getting a fix:
Our developers will track them down and swat them with a fly bat. We take pride of our tools (and sanity) in solving issues in our software.

When other extensions break.

Sometimes we get blamed for unfair reasons, e.g. when a 3rd party plugin break our software. This is not our fault, but it is okay, just let us know!
Your chance of getting help:
Still very likely.
We will swallow the bitter pill and help you identify the source of the problem. You should do your part by passing it on to the original author of the extension.

Your stubborn web host.

Your web server may be too restrictive, too old or poorly configured, causing unwanted hiccups like trouble installing our software or uploading large files.
Your chance of getting support:
Only what we can.
We suggest consulting your web hosting provider to find out if their server meets our criteria to ensure smooth operation of our products.

Minor customizations.

If it's just extra dressing on your salad bowl, consider it done! Tell us your exact requirements and we will quote you the total cost and time needed for the job.
Your chance of getting it your way:
We are picky on customization jobs because if it takes too much of our time, we will have to recommend our trusted external web developer to do it for you.

Rebuilding your entire site.

We build Joomla! extensions not websites. We dedicate our time to developing awesome software and providing the best customer support experience.
Your chance of getting a makeover:
Very rarely.
If you need to rebuild a website, hire a web developer! Looking for one? Let us recommend developers experienced in our products for you.

Living a decade behind times.

Are you still on IE8 and below? The web progress very rapidly, often we update our software to keep up to the pace.
Your chance of getting legacy fixes:
Take our advice - upgrade now! You don't want to be called a dinosaur, do you? We are glad to assist you in our software upgrades should you need it.

Localhost or Intranet

As much as we want to assist you with your issues, providing support remotely without any access to the site is like being blindfolded.
Your chance of getting a solution:
Very Unlikely.
Our priority is to assist users as fast as we can and without any hands on to the site, we can't really shine in this area.

Talk To Someone

Most of our support are done via the forums and it is beneficiary for both customers and ourselves as information are shared across boards.
Your chance of getting a solution:
Very Rarely.
We do however provide telephone support via Skype if there are any unique cases which the forum cannot accommodate.

After Hours Support

We guarantee that you will get a response between 24 - 48 hours (weekdays) and 48 - 72 hours (weekends)
Your chance of getting a solution:
Still very likely.
However, we do still reply to you during the weekends or after hours too.

My Ideas Are Better

We build software for the masses and as much as we want to implement your ideas into the software, we need to evaluate these requests.
Your chance of getting a solution:
After Consideration.
We do have a feature requests section available for you to submit your ideas.

Hey, I have a great idea!

We love new ideas and if you have a cool feature to suggest, we will definitely consider it for our future releases.
Chance of having these features:
Possibly maybe.
We will most likely take your idea and roll it in the future so please hold on to your horses. Sometimes we do the impossible, delivering your ideas within hours!

Help Desk

Our friendly support staffs would always be able to assist you for any inquiries that you may have.

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If you have any other inquiries and you would like to reach out to us via e-mail. You may do so by using the contact us form below.

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