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EasyBlog 5.2 Stable Released

EasyBlog 5.2 Stable Released

After countless sleepless nights, we are extremely excited to announce the stable release of EasyBlog 5.2. Just in case you are not aware of new features in store, here is a short recap of just some of highlights in EasyBlog 5.2, read on the learn more. 

GDPR Compliance

To start off, EasyBlog 5.2 is GDPR compliant. Just in case you do not already know this, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, effectively May 25th, 2018.

​Kick starting GDPR compliance starting with EasyBlog 5.2 was one of the reasons behind the slight delay of this release. With that in mind, GDPR for EasySocial 2.2 will be announced soon as well​. 

Items below are covered under GDPR compliance in EasyBlog 5.2:

​Removal Download
Registered users
  • ​Blog posts
  • Comments
  • Tags and tags association
  • Subscriptions data
  • Email activities
  • User data
  • ​Blog posts
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Subscriptions
Guest​ users
  • Comments
  • Subscriptions data
  • Email activities
Profile data
Blog Comments
Blog Posts

Composer Refinements


The usability of blocks within the composer has improved tremendously, not only the usage of drag and drop is much easier, the new blocks menu will now be rendered on the right panel instead of a dropdown from the top. 

New Dark Theme  

Dark Theme

As this was highly requested previously, we managed to include the all new dark theme in EasyBlog 5.2. This theme is basically based on Wireframe theme, in other words template overriding would be a breeze with the new theme.

On top of that, we have also simplified the existing themes, for instance Pinky and Greenie are merged into a new theme called Pastel,  it has the ability to change colors in the theme settings. 

Infinite Scrolling

Pagination in EasyBlog 5.2 can now be configured to utilize scrolling script, where it could automatically render the next page's content as you scroll past the first page's content.

New Installation Screens

Installation: Initialization
Installation: Finalization

We have revamped and simplified the standard installation process for EasyBlog 5.2. We achieved this by simply reducing the steps altogether, and goodbye lengthy installation! 

One Click Updater 

​The new one click updater in EasyBlog 5.2 now makes upgrading in between every minor releases effortlessly, less time consuming and straightforward. 

Scheduled Auto-posting  

EasyBlog 5.2 now has the ability to determine the timing of auto-post to your social media platforms, on top determine the time of auto postings for their blog posts.

Unified Toolbar 

Unified Toolbar

When Joomla 3.8 introduces Unicode SEF URLs, it only made sense for us to also standardize and reroute all our components to align with this update. With these changes, we have also added unicode url support in EasyBlog 5.2. As long as your site supports unicode urls in Joomla, it would work with EasyBlog 5.2 out of the box. 

Unicode URL Support 

Unicode SEF url was first introduced in the Joomla 3.8 update, therefore it only make sense to standardized and re-route EasyBlog 5.2 and all of our components in line with this update. 

Favorite Post 

Favorite Post

To take the bookmark feature in EasyBlog a step further, users can now mark any favorite blog post as "Favorite" and that these favorite post will be shown on their dashboard. 

Post Cover Caption

Post Captions

What better way to capture the attention of readers or audience immediately in EasyBlog 5.2, even before going through the full content of the blog post. 

Reading Time Indicator 

Reading Time

This nifty feature allows user or reader to know the time needed to read through the entire blog content. 

Reading Progress Bar

Reading Progress Bar

​Similar to the reading time indicator, the reading progress bar is positioned on the top, it will come to a completion as you finish reading through the blog post. 

Multilingual Tags

This feature will be the saving grace for multilingual sites. Site admins could add specific language tags during the tag creations from the back-end, and that these language tags will only appear to users viewing the post in that specified language. 

Improved Anti-spam 


Apart being a great blogging tool for your authors, it is also equipped with even better anti-spam protection. Admin can now configure the minimum content length on EasyBlog 5.2 editor.

Google Analytics for AMP posts

Google Analytics

To monetize EasyBlog a step further, we have added in Google Analytics tracking support, which allows you to track user interaction on AMP pages in EasyBlog 5.2.

Optimized Performance 

By removing redundancy and minifying the existings codes, not only the page load is significantly faster but the composing experience and overall performance has been drastically improved.

Mobile Ready

Apart from EasyBlog 5.2 having an improved and better responsive composing experience on any mobile devices, but it also now has the ability to save drafts on mobile view, which is lifesaver for authors that are constantly on the go. 

Let's celebrate! 

Last but not least, we would like to take this time to appreciate every single testers and anyone who had contributed in all of our testings throughout EasyBlog 5.2 development. EasyBlog would not have evolved to what it is today. In case you wondering, yes, we will be sharing more about PayPlans 4.0 in the next blog post, so stay tuned and happy upgrade folks! :)

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