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EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha 2

EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha 2

3 weeks has passed since the first release of EasyBlog 5.2 was made available. Before the month of February ends, you will be pleased to know that EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha 2 is now ready for further testings. 

EasyBlog 5.2 Alpha 2 has underwent countless testings and being treated with the necessary fixes from the prior release. On top of that, the team has added a couple of important improvements which are highlighted below.

Post Moderation

​When a user submits a blog post on the site that is yet to be reviewed, site moderators will then receive a email notification of the submitted post. The review link will now be redirected to the login page instead of displaying error 404 whenever the site moderators are not signed in. 

Favorite Post 

Not only is the favorite post icon now more appealing on the listing or entry page, but it also no longer refreshes the page unnecessarily upon favoriting or unfavoriting a post.

Image Dimension

Authors or moderators can now set any variations of image dimension as default for all media uploads. For instance, you could set the original image source dimension as default. 

Random Post

We have also added in 'random' option for the entry post navigations in EasyBlog 5.2. The next or previous post in the navigation area will be randomized instead of following the proper timeline order, this will be most useful for autoload pagination type. 

Alpha 2 Download 

We are strongly against the idea of installing Alpha 2 release on your live site. Instead, you should only install it on a staging or development site. There are just too many possibilities that could not be fully covered by the team, especially conflicts with external extensions or plugins. You would not want to risk breaking anything on your live site right? ;)

You may download EasyBlog Alpha 2 or submit your bug reports at the buttons below. Do note that this is only accessible for active EasyBlog subscribers. Happy testing everyone! :)

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