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ThemeXpert's Meteor Template For EasySocial & EasyArticles

ThemeXpert's Meteor Template For EasySocial & EasyArticles

​While we are still working on EasyBlog 5.2, PayPlans 4.0 and Charm template simultaneously, we would like to firstly introduce you to Meteor template. 

Meteor Joomla magazine template was built with the awesome drag & drop Quiz - Joomla page builder by none other than the team from ThemeXpert, who also creates amazing collection of Joomla templates and extensions.

Meteor template not only enhances user reading experiences online, whether its highlighting of current event, news articles or even any variation of content, without losing out on it social elements as well. Bringing information accessibility a lot quicker and easier with the help of proper typography, article layouts, and image placements that just works. 

Key Features of Meteor:

  • 5 built-in home layout
  • Drag and drop
  • All browsers compatibility
  • RTL support
  • Mobile ready
  • Instant article preview 
  • Lazy load images
  • Easily customizable

    and many more...
EasySocial compatibility
EasyArticles compatibility

Whopping 20% Discounts

Together with ThemeXpert, we are offering 20% discount with the coupon code STACKXPERTS for the next 3 days on any single purchases of EasySocialEasyArticles, and Meteor template too. Happy shopping folks! 


Comments (7)

I liiiiike the hover effect on this template !
when you move the mouse and see the module with the shadow ..

thanks for the share but i'll not purchase,
i prefeer i template compatible with ALL SI extensions and specially ED !

Thanks for the input on this HMED :)

It is better to do it yourself on the basis of helix3

Do the hover effect ?
i use the ward framework :/

I meant the template as a whole, it is not difficult to make a shadow effect in css

Is there a demo login? I want to check it out but I am don't want to make any purchases until I can demo it. If there is no demo, then I'll pass.

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Nanci Casson Nanci Casson

Hey Nanci,

I just checked with guys at ThemeXpert. Unfortunately, you will not be able to login to their Meteor live demo due to security reasons. However, they do have a 7-day money back guarantee. ;)

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