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Some Updates For PayPlans 4.0

Some Updates For PayPlans 4.0

About 3 months ago, we acquired PayPlans from ReadyBytes and the team is still adapting to it; trying to understand the fundamentals of PayPlans. Initially, I thought we could quickly revamp the UI within PayPlans but as it turns out, we needed more knowledge and understanding of the product better before being able to do that. 

With EasyBlog 5.2 development still on-going, I believe it is about time that I share some of the upcoming plans we have for PayPlans 4.0.

Brand New Interface

The team of designers had put a lot of effort to completely revamp the interfaces in PayPlans and the overall user experience. PayPlans 4.0 will be equipped with an amazing user interface and user experience that not only similar with the rest of our Joomla extensions, but the usability will be enhanced extensively for both front-end and back-end. 

Our primary goal is to help your site generate better conversions from leads and we have a lot of great ideas in store for PayPlans 4.0. 

Code Refactoring

​Apart from the heavy refactoring of codes and everything in between, PayPlans 4.0 will have the same workflow as the rest of our Joomla extensions. Not only that the codes are being polished, it also opens up new ways for improvements and easier maintenance to step in. 

Joomla 4.0 Compatibility 

As we prepare ourselves for Joomla 4.0 in EasyBlog 5.2, we will also be throwing in all our experience with Joomla 4.0 in PayPlans 4.0. PayPlans 4.0 will continue to work on Joomla 3.7 onwards and Joomla 4.x.

Apps Store

The apps store in PayPlans will be removed altogether in PayPlans 4.0 and all apps would be included into the package by default. Although these apps are included, it isn't installed until you need it and we are looking at the possibility of availing the downloads via a remote service.

New Pricing Page 

​Now that your memberships or services already in placed, all that is left a pretty storefront. We have updated the pricing page in PayPlans 4.0 with a fresh new design along with the new invoices design too. Your customers will now have better and smoother time getting subscribed to your subscriptions or services.

Here are some of the screenshots that we have prepared for you.

Get PayPlans Today!

Last but not least, you can get PayPlans at the discounted rate of 20% using the coupon code PPLANS4 which is only available for the next 2 days. ​This is just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned as we bring you more updates soon.

P/S: For those who has been wanting to renew your PayPlans license, you will need to get yourself a new PayPlans subscription with the coupon code. This is because the new PayPlans recurring plans automatically discounts 20% for you, without needing to enter any discount code ever again.

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