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EasyDiscuss 4.1.12 released

Hello Pals! The maintenance update for EasyDiscuss 4.1.12  is available now 🥳 This update addresses several teething issues and we have also implemented several other refinements too. 

Important Security Fix For EasyDiscuss 4.1.11

Good day folks, weekend is just around the corner and I am sure most of you are waiting for it 😜

Our team has released a security fix for EasyDiscuss 4.1.11 primarily to address a possible unrestricted file upload vulnerability. Read on to learn more about the release.

Important Security Update For EasyDiscuss 4.1.10

Our team has released EasyDiscuss 4.1.10 to address potential SQL injection vulnerability found in prior releases.

EasyDiscuss 4.1.9 Released

​The team has just pushed out a new release for EasyDiscuss to address a regression from the prior update. Read on to learn more about the changes in this release:

Maintenance Update for EasyDiscuss

It has been a while since EasyDiscuss received an update. EasyDiscuss 4.1.7 update puts together a couple of new minor features, improvements, refinements, and bug fixes too.

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EasyDiscuss 4.1.4 Update

Just in case you have missed out on this, we would like to present you with the scheduled maintenance update for EasyDiscuss.

Maintenance Update Available for EasyDiscuss

Today, we would like to present you with a maintenance update for EasyDiscuss.

PayPlans 4.0 Timeline & EasyDiscuss 4.1.2

Today, we would like to share a quick rundown on PayPlans 4.0, as many ones had approached us on this matter. We thought it would be more appropriate to properly address this after the release of EasyDiscuss 4.1.2, read on to learn more. 

Introducing EasyDiscuss 4.1

Ever since the rollout of GDPR on May 25th, 2018, the team has been busy updating our core extensions to comply with the new EU regulations. Due to that, we would like to announce the availability of EasyDiscuss 4.1 today. 

EasyDiscuss 4.0.21 Update

​Today, we would like to announce the immediate availability of EasyDiscuss 4.0.21. This update addresses a possible xss vulnerability that allows exploitation of external scripts that can be injected onto your site content. 

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