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JA Social & EasyBlog: Community Blogging defined

We've compiled some tools that you could use to start your very first community blogging website in Joomla. These tools will not only works great but also looks stunning. If you already have the latest Joomla 2.5.x installed, we recommend dressing i

JomSocial group blogging plugin

I am very excited to be the first person to announce this and I guess the title of this blog itself already explains what the we've been busy with :) Yep, we've completed a new plugin that extends the basic functionality that JomSocial group offers.

EasyBlog 1.8.155 released!

Howdy everyone! We have just released EasyBlog 1.8.155 which addresses a couple of minor issues and solving the conflicts with the new Jomsocial 2.2 release. If the current version of EasyBlog is working well for you, you do not need to perform this

Jomsocial and EasyBlog 2.0 enhanced integrations

We have been working on most of our integrations in EasyBlog 2.0 and one of it also includes a more enhanced integration solution for Jomsocial. Okay, what would it be included? Tell me more!

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