UPDATES EasySocial 3.2.22 Released. New functionality, bug fixes and overall performance improvements.

For Web & Desktop

Designed to simplify the messaging system on EasySocial.

ConverseKit for Web

ConverseKit 2.0 is here with an all new design and new features. Access conversations anywhere on the website.

* ConverseKit for Desktop not included. Need to be purchased separately.

ConverseKit Web for Joomla
Simple Setup
Seamless and straightforward installation, start receiving message within minutes.
Dark Mode New!
The all new dark mode allow users to switch between both the dark and standard modes.
Giphy Integration New!
Share Giphy images in your messages to have a more interactive chat with others.
File Sharing
Hassle free file sharing between your peers. Collaboration has never been as easy as this.
Share your current location with your peers with a click of a button. It is as simple as that.
Real-Time Updates
Get message updates from your peers or your groups almost instantly.
* ConverseKit relies on EasySocial 3.2.x to be installed on the site.

ConverseKit Desktop

Real-time desktop app allow users to collaborate using the app that they downloaded to their desktop.

Works across all major platforms flawlessly.

Available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux
ConverseKit Desktop App
For Mac OS, Windows and Linux
Seamlesss and straight-forward installation, start receiving message within minutes.
Real-Time Desktop Alerts
Receive desktop alerts whenever you receive new messages from EasySocial.
Dark & Light Modes
Users can switch between dark and light mode in the app with a click of a button.
Giphy Support
Quickly share images from Giphy with the built-in Giphy support.
Share Files
Share images and files to your friends and family right from the app.
Web Builder (ODIN)
Simplified web builder to customize and build your app. You can build your app in minutes.
Conversekit Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee.

Or you can try ConverseKit on our demo site.
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