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ConverseKit 2.0.5 & Desktop 1.0.4 Released

We have released an update for ConverseKit and ConverseKit Desktop to address some minor issues from the prior release.

ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.3

What a week! Another good news this week! We are thrilled to announce the new release of ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.3 alongside the public versions today.

ConverseKit 2.0.4

We have released an update for ConverseKit to address some minor issues from the prior release

ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.2 Available Now

We have released another update for ConverseKit Desktop to address some issues in the Desktop app.

ConverseKit 2.0.3 Available Today

We have released an update for ConverseKit to address some minor issues from the prior release.

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ConverseKit Desktop 1.0 & ConverseKit 2.0.2 Available Today

This is a very hectic week for us with so many releases! Today, I would like to announce the immediate availability of ConverseKit Desktop and Odin, our application builder.

ConverseKit 2.0.1 with Dark Mode Available Today

Today, we are proud to announce the availability of ConverseKit 2.0.1. Read on to learn more.

ConverseKit 2.0 & ConverseKit Desktop

While we are pretty busy with the ongoing updates of our extensions (mainly EasyBlog 5.4), the team is also working on ConverseKit 2.0 as well as a native Desktop app for ConverseKit on both MacOS and Windows. Read on to learn more!

ConverseKit 1.1.6 is Available Today

ConverseKit 1.1.6 is available today. In this release, we have addressed an important security vulnerability involving unrestricted file upload and we strongly advise anyone who are using prior releases to update to this version the soonest possible.

ConverseKit 1.1.5 Released

​This is just going to be a quick update to let you know that we have just release ConverseKit 1.1.5  to address issues related to order of messages, social icons on the login form and drag & drop file sharing.

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