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Our Joomla extensions comes with more than 10 language translations and all of these translations are created by an international team of translators.

What is Transifex?

All translations are done online using the Transifex platform and it is used by our translators for easier collaboration. You will be spending time in Transifex as it will be your tool for translating our language files and submitting your translations to us.

I am interested to contribute my translations, where do I begin?

If you are keen to contribute your language expertise as a translator for our Joomla extensions, we would be more than happy to accept you!

Sounds good! What is in it for me?

We value your contributions, and you will definitely be rewarded for your work. 

  • Complimentary translator license

    As a translator for StackIdeas, you will receive a complimentary use of the translated product for as long as you contribute to the translations for it. We encourage you to constantly submit your contributions if you would like to continuously receive complimentary product access.

We are seeking for dedicated translators who are willing to volunteer in the long term to translate for us whenever we launch a new product or release new product updates.

Cool! Is there anything I need to know before I hop on board?

Though we welcome all translators on join our translator project. We would strongly suggest that our translators to hit certain progression simply to avoid our system from being misused.

  • It is only applicable to our paying users. Yes, you need a valid license to join this project.
  • Unfortunately, we do not give out free "lifetime" licenses to our translators. However, we will reward free licenses continuously to our translators who genuinely sowing into our ongoing projects.
  • For each language, we have 5 translators working in each group.
  • As for translators who did not contribute much, we would revoke your licenses or translators access to Transifex whenever we see fit.
  • Any complementary translator licenses given DO NOT grant you access to our technical support, as we prioritize providing it to our paying customers. However, feel free to browse through our online documentation or forums for some answers instead. 

Great! Where do I sign up?

You are required to create an account on Transifex at

Join the StackIdeas team at for translation of EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, Komento, EasyArticles, ConverseKit and PayPlans. 

Drop us an e-mail and mention which language you would like to translate. You will be requested to provide your Transifex and StackIdeas username for us to provide translators access to our products.

Where are you language files in Transifex that I can start translating?


Notice that under PROJECT RESOURCES, you will see the following language files:

  1. (Frontend) en-GB.com_easydiscuss.ini
  2. (Backend) en-gb.com_easydiscuss.ini
  3. (Backend)
  4. (Backend) en-GB.com_easydiscuss.sys.ini
  5. (Modules) en-GB.mod_easydiscuss_ask.ini

Click on a language file to start translating.

Tip You have 2 methods of translating the language files:

  1. Translate online in real time via Transifex
  2. Download language files, translate from your computer and then upload the files back to Transifex.

Tips for successful translations

As a contributor, you are advised to work as a team and encourage each other in the team in the completion of a language translation. The faster you work, the more Joomla users will benefit from using the products.

Note Only high quality translated languages will be adopted into our components.