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Works with Joomla 2.x and 3.x
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Activity Streams

View recent updates and happenings among their own circle of friends. Extremely addictive.

Engage with one another on the stream by liking a post or posting comments
Stream Filters
Quickly filter posts that you want to see on the stream
Embedded Medias
Supports embedding rich media content from any oEmbed-supported site.
Social Sharing
Sharing posts to external social sites has never been so easy.

Share Your Moments

Post updates and share your moments with your circle of friends. Simple yet elegant.

Hashtag & Mentions
Involve friends by mentioning their @names or add #hashtags
New Emoticons
Express emotions on the stream with the built-in emojis
Friend Tagging
Get your friends and family involved and stay connected
Geolocation Support
Share your current location along with your post


Collaborate with friends and peers with the conversations in EasySocial. Extremely engaging.

Group Conversations
Engage conversations in groups for discussions or casual catch-ups with friends
File Sharing
Share files, photos or documents in the conversation easily
Get notified immediately when there are new conversations arriving on your inbox

Profile XT

Create your ideal social network with highly customizable profile types. Highly extensible with simplicity in mind.

Custom Fields
Customize the behavior of your profile forms. Over 40 custom fields available.
Multiple Profile Types
Create multiple profile types, each with it's own set of custom fields
Flexible Registration Flow
Customize your registration workflow in a friendly drag & drop UI.
Facebook Sign On
Single sign on with Facebook increases registration rate.

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Working together as a team and collaborating between peers has never been made so easy.

File Sharing
Organize and share files among members of the group
Segmented forums within each individual groups
Assign and distribute tasks to members of the group
Group Types
Manage your groups into public, closed and secret

Video Sharing

Rich media and entertainment on the site provides engagement between users.

Categorize videos in it's own categories allowing videos to be searched easily
Video Uploads
Users will be able to upload their video recordings
Embedded Videos
Embed videos from reputable video providers
Tag friends and peers in videos uploaded on the site


Share priceless and lasting moments with friends and family. Beautifully crafted just for you.

Photo Uploads
Upload photos on the fly from your favorite devices
Rich Metadata
EXIF data will be extracted from your photos and stored on the site
Photo Gallery
Lets you swiftly browse through photos in a photo gallery
Face Tagging
Tag your friends in photos to gain exposure within your circle of friends.

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Event Management

Organize and schedule meetup among group or friends on the site. Connecting event creators with attendees.

Simplified step RSVP to an event invitation.
Event Privacy
Arrange private or public events for your group.
Export to Calendar
Export to iCal to sync your events into your favorite calendar!
Multiple Apps
Over 5 different apps supported in Events.

Apps Directory

We make it easier for you to enhance your social site with add-ons that work seamlessly with EasySocial.

Visit our Apps Directory to browse through for add-ons to enhance your social site.

Over 150 apps from more than 50 developers and counting

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Plus all the goodness a social network should have


Receive instant notifications when there are friend requests, events, comments, updates and many more ...


Broadcast announcements to all users on the site easily right from your dashboard.


Reward users on the site with reward points whenever they perform specific actions on the site.


Apart from the built-in friendship system, EasySocial also comes with a social graph engine where users could subscribe and follow other users on the site.

Over 30++ Modules Included

Over 30 different modules included for free when you install EasySocial on the site.


Users can achieve reward badges and showcase their achievements right from their profile page.


Crowdsourcing made simple for your users as users can now create polls directly from their dashboard.

Supports multiple choices too!


Users will able to connect with one another using the friendship engine in EasySocial. Broaden your circle of friends by making new ones.

Native Mobile Apps *

Our partners from AppCarvers crafted native mobile apps which works out of the box with iOS and Android devices.

Template Compatibility

The framework of EasySocial is designed carefully to work out of the box with most major template clubs such as RocketTheme, Joomlart, Joomlashine and many more.


Included with the extension is a set of API which allows 3rd party developers to extend the functionality of EasySocial.

Opens up a wide variety of possibilities.

World Class Support

Your site will be handled and supported by our world class technicians and developers.

Backed by over 100 + reviews. You can be sure you are in good hands.

EasySocial is compatible with mobile devices too ...

Expand your community through different platforms!

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