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Features - Activity Stream
Activity Streams

Awesome activities view

  • Share moments, updates and rich medias on your stream
  • Pin posts to the top of your profile to increase visibility
  • Express your mood with the built-in emoticons
  • Get people involved by using @mentions and #hashtags
  • Tag a friend, co-worker or family members
  • Add virality to a post by reposting the stream item
  • Google Maps and FourSquare integrations
  • Auto posting your updates on Twitter
Pages, Groups and Events

Get up close with your social groups, manage pages and host events

  • Invite friends to join any Groups, Pages and Events
  • Create discussions and events within your social group
  • Post announcements in Groups, Events and Pages
  • Discover Pages, Groups and Events from various categories
  • Share photos within your Groups, Events and Pages
Rich Media Support
Features - Form Builder
Form Builder

Customizable workflows

  • Customize the behavior of your profile forms with over 40 custom fields available
  • Create multiple profile types, each with it's own set of custom fields
  • Friendly drag-and-drop customizable registration workflow UI
  • Personalize individual fields to suits the profile types workflow
  • 3rd party custom fields integration
Elegant Administration

Infographics Module

See through a bird's-eye view on the vitals of your social site and get notified along with the core extensions in Joomla and downloading of launcher directly from the Joomla Updater panel

Features - Infographics Module

Application Store

Discover, purchase or even install apps directly from the back-end to further enhance their social site to suit their audience

Features - Application Store

Super Cool Admin

Redesigned user interface and easy-to-use administrators area for better management

Features - Super Cool Admin

Moderation Page

Administrators can now moderate and view pending profiles at the back-end on the fly

Features - Moderation Page
Features - Conversations

Engage with your co-workers and friends

  • Engage conversations in groups over discussions or touch base with a newly acquainted friend
  • Share files, photos or documents in conversations easily
  • Get notified immediately when there are new conversations arriving your inbox
  • Share current location on your conversations
Features - Polls

Interactive polling system

Opinions are subjective and it does matter. Create polls with multiple votes on user profile pages, groups, pages and events to hear out what people have to say on a particular matter

Features - Profile

All New EasySocial Profile

A quick overview of basic information needed to kick start any conversation starters with people you've just met or exchange with old friends as you get reacquainted

Features - Polls
Access Control

Enhanced access control

Segmentize users based on different profile types along with the different rules applied to it. Site moderators can also limit certain information access for specific profile types

Mobile Engine and App

Great mobile experience

Toolbar and navigation were redesigned to allow less obstructive view of the site for users who are always on-the-go; swiping statistics underneath your profile, groups, events or even pages and more

Features - Mobile Engine and App
Mobile Engine and App

Full-fledged native app for mobile devices

Mobile friendly EasySocial web app that works out-of-the-box on any mobile web browser which looks and behaves almost like a native app

Features - Extensive Modules
Extensive Modules

35 Redesigned modules

Boosting your social site usability with 35 redesigned and refactored modules with 5 newly added modules such as Recent Pages, Pages Menu, Peges Categories, User Statistics Module and User Goals Modules


Be local, EasySocial is multilingual

Effective communication is crucial in establishing a successful social presence by staying relevant to the different people group

Features - Application Store
Application Store

Empower your social site with nearly 100 apps for you to choose from

We make it easier for you to enhance your social site with addons that work seamlessly with EasySocial, visit our Apps Directory directly without needing to access the administration area

Features - Single Sign On
Single Sign-On

Users can now get on board with their Facebook and Twitter accounts

Features - Friendships & Social Graph
Friendships & Social Graph (Followers)

Apart from the built-in friendship system, EasySocial also comes with a social graph engine where users could subscribe and follow other users on the site

Features - Achievements & Points
Achievements and Points

Users can achieve reward badges and showcase their achievements right from their profile page and get rewarded points whenever they perform specific actions on the site

Features - Crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing (Reporting)

Report any unethical or inappropriate behaviour of any user, posts or story to site admins for immediate action and monitor on the site

Features - Extensive Social Sharing Providers
Extensive Social Sharing Providers

A complete social networks integration suite for Joomla to increase interaction between visitors on your site

Notifications & Broadcasts

Receive instant notifications when there are any friend requests, events, comments, updates and more

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Jonathan James Gafill

A modern social software requires workflow and usability. StackIdeas has it all. If you value your web property, StackIdeas is a wise investment.

Ruth Cheesley

Joomla SEO Specialist
It's not often you come across a component that is pretty good at what it does, and comes with an oustanding level of customer support.

Anh Le

CEO, JOY Entertainment
I first came to knew about StackIdeas when I was looking for a good blog solution for our Joomla site and they are the best option. I was very surprised about the customer services in StackIdeas. Their staffs are simply awesome. I ended up with purchasing all their amazing products. Yes, all of them!

John Coonen

Founder of CMS Expo
You can successfully integrate professional blogging into the world's most popular self-serve CMS. EasyBlog makes my 'must-install' list for Joomla!

Karen Masullo

EVP Social Media of Firestorm
As the primary end-user during our recent transition to a new website, one of my biggest concerns was the import of content from our previous blog. EasyBlog allowed this process to be a relatively seamless one.

Bryan E. Mendelson

CEO of Zeus Digital Media
StackIdeas are COMPLETE products that allow us to successfully create and manage our client sites with a "no questions needed" product.
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