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HELLO, Meet Our Team!

Introducing the passionate people of StackIdeas.Be sure to hit us up any time :)

Mark Lee

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Mark is a self taught software programmer when he started out about 7 years ago. His major break was the JomSocial project where he was the main developer for it. He then ventured into his own and now he oversees every aspect of the company from marketing activities to getting down and dirty with the codes in our products.

Sam Teh

Software Developer

Sam was the forerunner in the early days of StackIdeas. He got his hands in all aspects of product development and he believes in giving his best to customers who need it. Prior to joining the company, he was involved in the development of a social networking component that later took the world by storm.

Jason Rey

Software Developer

Came from an electronics engineering background, Jason's heart was inclined toward software development. His burning passion for codes led him to start the Komento project. He is dubbed as Jack of All Trades (in various programming languages) and master in Calculus as well.

Jensen Tonne

JavaScript Developer

Jensen specializes in JavaScript and maintains the FoundryJS library that serves as a backbone for every StackIdeas' products. He also builds and maintains jQuery plugins and JavaScript utilities which he puts it up on Github.

Andrew Rogers

Senior Marketing Manager

Andrew is a down-to-earth person who believes in action before words. Formerly a website salesperson, Andrew is never satisfied with his achievements and always strive for the best in reaching out to the market. As one of the pioneer staff, he has been the crucial link between StackIdeas with the other Joomla developers of the world.

Ahmad Justin

Senior Marketing Manager

Ahmad Justin is the person-in-charge when it comes to StackIdeas's marketing and sales. Previously served JomSocial as their sales and billing, Justin joined the band of superheroes when he heard the call-to-arm. He believes that his role is to build a bridge between the developers and the users and to help the company grow.

Change Siew Ho

Frontend & Backend Developer

Chang is a master of structured cosmetics (read: UX, CSS, LESS & Bootstrap). Passionate about technologies of the web, he wields an imaginary blade that turns any beautiful art into functional web interfaces in no time.

Nur Fathihah

User Interface Designer

Fath loves graphics to bits. Experienced in website and user interface, she can turn any ideas into great masterpieces. She crafted the interface designs for all products of StackIdeas. If you love how EasyDiscuss looks, yeah, that's one of her killer artwork.

Ikram Hakimi

User Interface Designer

Ikram has a very huge passion for Intuitive User Interface Design and Interaction. He is very serious when it comes to design codes as he likes it clean and structured.

Ridhwan Razak

User Interface Designer

The nicest person in the team, Ridhwan is the one who design stuffs especially for the marketing team. He have a keen eyes on colours and is currently developing his skills in design codes. His passion in design and codes are so great that once he started on it, nothing gets his attention.

Nik Faris

Technical Support Specialist

Nik contributes to the smooth delivery of customer support for the Company. He studied information systems engineering but the coding bug caught him and the rest was history. He keen sense in the latest gadgets and new technology. Nik often talk Android and wish to explore deeper what this robot could do to humans.

Arlex Wong

Technical Support Specialist

Arlex works together with the support team to help users when they are having issues. A not-so-tall person who loves sports and listens to music when he is away from his desk.