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PayPlans 4.0 Alpha Released

PayPlans 4.0 Alpha Released

It has been almost a month since I shared the last progress update for PayPlans 4.0 and just like yourself, the team and I are also very excited with the release of PayPlans 4.0.

Today, will be presenting you with the long awaited PayPlans 4.0 Alpha. Before anything else, I would like to take some time here to give a big Thank You to all of our customers for being patient and being ever so understanding. A big Thank You to the team for prepping up this release.

Brand New User Preferences

Account preferences at the front-end

We have completely revamped the entire workflow of the user's preferences page. Prior to PayPlans 4.0, it was pretty confusing when it comes to updating the user's account. Information and form was placed in multiple places and to make matters worst, it is very confusing to the end user for trying to update their personal details. With the introduction of the new user preferences page, we created a centralized section for users to update their details.

Refined Administration Experience

Dashboard view from the back-end

If you are coming from PayPlans 3.x, you will notice a complete makeover in the administration area. Our designers came up with a more modern and refined dashboard to give you a birds eye view of the operations on the site. The dashboard will also have a more unified layout as the rest of our core extensions. Apart from having a bird's eye view on the overall activities in PayPlans running on your site, it will also have the handy single click updater, for quick and easy upgrades. 

Simplified Checkout Process

Just like many other site owners, we also emphasize on conversion rates and one of the most important factor for increasing conversion rate, is to decrease the amount of actions a user can perform during the checkout process. We spent months trying to come up with a much more refined and simplified checkout process. If you have followed our previous blog posts, you'll notice several different iterations of our designs on the checkout page.

​The brand new checkout page has been heavily optimized to be user friendly, shaving off the three-step checkout page down to just a two-step. Narrowing down the purchasing process for PayPlans 4.0, thus making it a lot quicker, simpler and more straightforward. 

In essence, the quicker and less complicated the checkout page equates to a higher conversion rate for your site. 

Order Management

Update subscriptions on the site

Like any other billing system out there, PayPlans 4.0 is ready with e-commerce essentials, ranging from managing subscriptions, plans, invoices and transactions. More than that, any changes made within PayPlans 4.0 will be logged down automatically for future references. 

Automation Scripts

The relevant automation scripts available

Prior to PayPlans 4.0, these automation scripts are basically apps and unless you are a technical junkie, you wouldn't have any idea what either of these apps does. We have revamped the workflow and simplified them by calling them "Automation Scripts". With these automation scripts or some would call them "Macros", you can almost integrate PayPlans with infinite number of web services out there.

For an instance, if you need to send an SMS to a mobile number upon successful purchase, one could setup a REST API call to perform a POST to the SMS provider's API.

Plan Upgrades

Upgrade plans directly from the dashboard

Admin can now easily assign specific plans suitable for upgrades in PayPlans 4.0, this made switching in between upgrade-able plans possible, it's as simple as paying the price difference of the plans. 

Improved Statistics & Charts

New & updated charts for sales

​Apart from showing purely statistics of the generated sales, growth, projection for renewals and upgrades on your site, PayPlans 4.0 is now equipped with amazing looking charts that not only brings about relevant information quickly but also stats that fairly simple to digest. 

Notifications Management

​You can now quickly create new email notification directly from the back-end in regards to specific events in PayPlans 4.0 such as status changed, pre-expiry, post expiry, post activation or even cart abandonment. Not to mention, it has better logging system for payment notifications from all payment gateways at the same simplifies all debugging process as well.

E-mail Template Editor

Modify the notifications email directly from the back-end

Apart from having the ability to create custom notification rules for certain events In PayPlans 4.0, you're able to manage the notification templates directly from the back-end as well.

Major Performance Improvements

In PayPlans 3.x, when it was installed, generally the page load takes around 600 - 900ms. With PayPlans 4, we have reduced this by a whopping 60%. This was made possible by reducing the total number of dependent scripts that needs to be loaded on page load.

Reintroducing Core Apps

  • Assign Plan
  • Profile Based Plan
  • Subscription Approval
  • Auto Login
  • Limit Subscription
  • Fixed Date Expiration
  • Notification Emailer
  • Skip Free Invoice Plugin
  • User Detail
  • Parent Child 
  • Renewal
  • Plan Addon
  • Advance Pricing
  • Upgrade
  • ProDiscount
  • Plan Dynamic Modifier
  • Referral
  • PDF Invoice
  • Export
  • User Preference 

​The above are just some of the apps being reintroduced into the core of PayPlans 4.0, this was mainly to reduce the redundancy found in its predecessor. Apart from that, the team personally felt that these apps were absolutely necessary for any e-commerce sites, thus removing the hassle of installing these individual apps altogether. 

Join forces with us, bug squad!

PayPlans 4.0 Alpha is ONLY for testing purposes and should only be installed on your development site. We strongly DO NOT recommend installing PayPlan 4.0 Alpha on your live site, therefore should anything go wrong with your live site, we will not be held accountable or responsible for it. 

All bug reports and feedback will be gathered on our dedicated forum section found with the button below. This will be much easier for our developers and support guys to monitor every single issue posted or found in Alpha release. Join forces with us as we're on the quest of eliminating as many bugs before the stable release. Happy testing everyone! :)

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