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EasySocial 2.2.4 & ConverseKit 1.1.3 Released

EasySocial 2.2.4 & ConverseKit 1.1.3 Released

Before the week ends, we have scheduled a maintenance update for both EasySocial and ConverseKit. These releases mainly address were minor bug fixes, refinements and other improvements. Some of the fixes includes:

EasySocial 2.2.4 

  • Refined JomSocial migrator for EasySocial 
  • Added the ability to turn off user ID from URL 
  • Added new module position for cover header
  • Added the ability to set default radius range from the back-end
  • GDPR refinements: Download download requests from the archive and ability to auto-purge expired download requests
  • Akismet and CleanTalk app enhancement for comments and conversations

ConverseKit 1.1.3

  • ​Added the ability to re-configure the position of ConverseKit buttons
  • Refined online and offline status of users
  • Fixed issue in regards to sending file attachments
  • Refined message limit abilities
  • Refined sorting of recent conversations
  • Refined usability on iPhone and iPad 

*Note: It's also recommended to upgrade to Conversekit 1.1.3 together with EasySocial 2.2.4.

Upgrading from EasySocial 2.2.x & ConverseKit 1.1.x

Upgrading to the latest version is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is hit the Update button found at the back-end of EasySocial, otherwise it's recommended to download the full installer and run the installation as you normally would. However for ConverseKit, you will have to re-run the installation once more.

Do not forget to also check out the respective changelog links down below, to see full list of changes made. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team on our forums

Limited Support Availability 

​Last but not least, we will be having public holiday in the coming Monday and Tuesday. For this reason, we sincerely apologize for the limited support availability and delay in our response time at the beginning of next week. However, we will still take some time out during our holiday to answer some urgent tickets, otherwise we hope you could lookup for some answers on our support forums


Comments (17)

sad no news about easysocial 3 and the app :/ enjoy your holidays :)

Stay tune for more updates :)

Thanks for another update. Can you say a little more about the new module position? What is its name and what type of ES pages is it available on?

We have added the following module positions on the cover,


Ideally, you should use the tp=1 in the query string to view all available positions in EasySocial :)

"Added the ability to turn off user ID from URL"
Is this mean 'URL Shortener" app is no longer needed?

Any news to turn off ID from URL for Pages & Groups?

It is currently only for users :)

any news about ES 3.0 :c?

You're wasting your time asking this question joy :) The time will come.
I also very much want to know what they are preparing for EasySocial 3.
Let's be patient... ;)

Check out the blogs more often, we are going to share the progress soon :)

i do alway :) but nothing has changed :P can't wait to read about it.

It will be a very exciting update and something that we are very excited too.

i check the site each half hour and now wow new blog D: so i guess it will be till friday like this.

any renewal discount for conversekit?

The renewals are automated when the recurring billing kicks in :)

mine is full price for renewals

Hey Robert,

Please get in touch with us at https://stackideas.com/contact and we'll look into this

Done. Thanks Mark

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