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EasyDiscuss 4.1.4 Update

EasyDiscuss 4.1.4 Update

Just in case you have missed out on this, we would like to present you with the scheduled maintenance update for EasyDiscuss.

Emoji settings for editor
Language column for categories

The team also released EasyDiscuss 4.1.4 yesterday to address some of the teething issues from the prior release. Apart from that, our team has added two new features too. Firstly, site moderators now have the option to enable or disable emoji button to be visible in the built-in editor of EasyDiscuss. Secondly, you will notice that the team has added a language column for the categories listing in the backend as well. 

Lastly, don't forget to also check out the full list of changes and fixes applied with the buttons below. Have a great weekend folks!


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will there today be anything about mobile apps :/?

We are supposed to release more information about what we are working on and yes it includes what we have been working on with the mobile too. However, something urgent came up today and we would need to push it a little further.

Ah okay sounds cool :) thanks mark!

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