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EasyDiscuss comes with pre-installed themes for you to apply. Here, you will learn all about these themes, from enabling them to configuring them. Get creative!

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Template Overrides

Template overriding is a standard feature that comes with Joomla!. It's sole purpose is to allow you to customize your layout without modifying the core files and contents of the components or modules that you've installed on your Joomla! site.

The Benefits

Below are some of the benefits you can get when you create template overrides rather than modifying core files:

  • Customization retained during upgrades.
  • More control over theme files.
  • Easier to customize.

Even though most customization can be done with custom css, there are times when modifying a theme file is the best solution. But, instead of modifying core theme files, you will be duplicating the desired theme file, modifying it, then and placing it in the site template.

Creating PHP Overrides

Before begin creating template overrides, first you will need to create your template override folder. In this example, assuming that your template's name is /mytemplate/ and you wanted to create an override for points/notifications page and also the recent discussions module, you will need to create the appropriate folders in your template for the override files:


The folder /mytemplate/html/ above contains overrides for all components and modules. Once you have created the folders above, you will need to copy the desired existing files over to the folders that you have created.

Creating CSS Overrides

Method 1:

Custom css for EasyDiscuss can be added from EasyDiscuss administrator section. The custom css section is located at:

EasyDiscuss > Themes > Custom CSS

Template Overrides

Method 2:

Creating CSS override in EasyDiscuss is almost identical to PHP Overrides. You will need to create a file named custom.css in this directory:


Assuming you would like to customize the Notification Module, you can add this CSS override in the custom.css file.

    #ed .m-notification__wrapper {
        display: none;

Here is another example. Assuming that you would like to hide the statistics for each discussion, you can simply put this CSS override in the custom.css file.

    #ed .ed-posts-list .ed-statistic {
        display: none;


  • CSS overrides will not be overriden by EasyDiscuss upgrades. However, it is still a good practice to backup your entire site before proceeding with upgrades so that if anything went south, you will be able to revive your site back.
  • Most theme files are by default inheriting from the default theme, Wireframe. Which means, if you're using other themes and planning to override theme files, you have to check whether the theme file you are overridding is supplied by the chosen theme or Wireframe.
Please read our Support Policies before requesting assistance for customization.
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