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Cronjobs will automate your tasks, and ensure that everything on your server runs smoothly. Here, you will learn how create and run a cronjob in order to achieve the desired target.

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Easycron Setup

EasyCron Cronjob Setup

Cronjob allows email processing to run at the back end while not interfering with the site operations. In EasyDiscuss, cronjob is required to fetch emails, send emails, retrive new tweets as blog and event import feeds remotely.

Setting up EasyCron cronjob is pretty simple. Here are a few steps which you can take to guide you setting up EasyCron.

Step 1

Firstly, navigate to EasyDiscuss > Settings > Notifications and change the option Send email on page load = No.

EasyCron Cronjobs

Step 2

Next, you will need to register on EasyCron site. Once you have registered, click on Create New Cron Job to start.

EasyCron Cronjobs

Step 3

Next, you'll be presented with a pop-up to create cronjob.

EasyCron Cronjobs

On the URL to call, you'll need to set it to http://<>/index.php?option=com_easydiscuss&task=cronand change the domain <> according to your site. Set the following configuration accordingly.

Step 4

Next, you can try execute your cronjob manually to test it. Click on the button shown in the image below. If the cronjob execute correctly, you will not receiving any email, otherwise, you will receiving an email stating your cronjob hitting error while executing.

EasyCron Cronjobs

NOTE: If your cronjob hits error, please let us know by creating a ticket to us at Stackideas Forum and please attached the email sent by EasyCron to us. We'll try our best to assist you with this issue.

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