How Tos

Here are the collection of How-Tos for EasyDiscuss; you can follow these tutorials to ensure that your EasyDiscuss is setup optimumly.

How to Assign Moderators in EasyDiscuss

NOTE! This guide is intended to provide basic instruction for EasyDiscuss 3.

To assign moderators to a category, navigate to EasyDiscuss > Categories.

IMPORTANT! Please do remember that, once you have setting up moderator permission for any category, you would also have to set the permission to select/view/reply permission for this category.

Step 1

Select any category listed in EasyDiscuss. Assuming you're selecting Uncategorized, you will be presented with this layout.

Assign Moderators

Step 2

Next, click on Permission tab to configure the permission for this category.

Assign Moderators

Step 3

To assign a moderator to this category, click on Who can moderate this category. If you haven't set any moderator, this section will be empty.

Assign Moderators

Step 4

Next, select any user group or any specific user in which you want him/them to have ability to moderate the category and click Add to list button.

Assign Moderators

Step 5

Finally, click on Save button to store the configuration.

Assign Moderators

Now, if you want to assign a moderator to a post, you can just simply click on Assign Moderator button located here.

Assign Moderators

That is it.