1. Configuration
  2. Setting Up Email Parser

Setting Up Email Parser

Email parser feature will automatically grab posts from your inbox based on the defined settings. It allows the system to fetch emails from a specific mailbox. These emails are then processed and posted as questions or replies to an existing discussion on the site.

Email Parser Configuration

Email Parser

  • Test Connection
    This button is used to test the connection. It will gives you a success message when it is setup correctly otherwise it will show an error.
  • Enable E-mail Parser
    If enabled, EasyDiscuss will fetch emails from the email address that you have specified and post them as questions or replies.
  • Mail Server Address
    Specify the mail server address that your hosting provider has provided you.
  • Mail Server Port
    Specify the port used for all incoming connections for your mail service.
  • Mail Service Type
    Specify the mail service type used. It is recommended to use IMAP.
  • Use SSL
    Use Secure Transport Layer for the connection. You will need to ensure that your hosting provider supports this.
  • Validate Certificates
    Some email hosting requires that you validate the certificates upon connecting. If they do not have their own signed certificates, disable this option
  • Username (Email Account)
    Set the username for your email account.
  • Password
    Set the password for the email account.
  • E-mails To Process
    Set the number of emails that should be processed every time the cron is executed.

Publishing Options

Publishing Options

  • Map E-mail To User Account
    When the user uses the same e-mail address as their account on the site, enabling this option will ensure that the post or reply to be associated with their account
  • Append E-mail Address In Content
    When this option is activated, the user's e-mail address will be appended into the content
  • Send Notification Receipt
    If enabled, EasyDiscuss will send a notification receipt to the sender when their email is parsed.
  • Parse Replies
    If enabled, replies will also be parsed and included as a reply to the main discussion post.
  • Reply Break
    Works like page break, reply break identify the end of the reply. Anything defined break will be trimmed from the reply. Useful to exlclude previous replies in the email.
  • Moderate Parsed E-mails
    If enabled, the posts that are generated based on the emails will be unpublished by default.
  • Automatically Save Post In Category
    Select the desired category to save parsed mails into.
  • Sender White List
    Only email address in this white list are picked. Separate each email address with comma. Leave blank for no filter
  • Sender Blacklist
    E-mail addresses in this list are blacklisted from the site. Separate each email address with comma. Leave blank for no filter

Currently email parser only works on a single category.

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