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It's time to configure your EasyDiscuss on your site. We'll list all the basic EasyDiscuss configuration here.

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Setting Up Email Digest

Setting Up Email Digest

There are times when users would only like to receive emails for a specific range of time rather than getting a new notification for every action that was performed on the site. With EasyDiscuss 4, users will have the ability to subscribe to an Email Digest in which it is a powerful feature developed by our developers. It will contain summary of new posts created in EasyDiscuss for a certain time period. Users are able to set themselves a specific range of time for receiving the email digest; it is either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Email Digest General Setting

Email Digest setting is located under subscription and you can find it by navigating to: EasyDiscuss > Settings > Subscriptions > Email Digest.

Email Digest

Subscribing to Email Digest

To start using Email Digest is pretty simple. Firstly, you will need to make sure that the Email Digest is enabled on your site. Next, start subscribing to any category or site subscription on your EasyDiscuss. After you have clicked Subscribe Via Email to this category, you will be prompted with a window popup confirmation.

Email Digest Subscription only can be used for Category or Site subscription.

Email Digest

After your subscription was successfully added, you will received another window popup that looks similar to below. There, will be a link to Review Email Digest Setting. You will need to click on this link to review the email digest setting for this subscription.

Email Digest

Next, you will be redirected to My Subscriptions page in which here you will be able to change the Email Digest interval.

Email Digest

That it.

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