EasyDiscuss comes with pre-installed themes for you to apply. Here, you will learn all about these themes, from enabling them to configuring them. Get creative!

HTML format for emails

EasyDiscuss introduces new feature in which you now can choose either to use HTML format for emails or a standard text. You can find the setting under: Components > EasyDiscuss > Settings > Notifications > Emails > Emails Settings.

Emails Template Editor

EasyDiscuss introduces new feature in which you now can now use editor to create new email template override. To try this editor, navigate to: Components > EasyDiscuss > Email Templates.

Overriding Email Templates

EasyDiscuss allows you to create custom email template overrides in your Joomla template. This is ideal when you're needing to customize the theme files but do not want the updates to overrides your existing changes. There are 2 parts of this guide:

  1. Overriding Default Email Template
  2. Overriding Email Item Templates

In major version updates, you need to ensure that your customized file is up to date.

Overriding Default Email Template

The default email template is included under the wireframe theme in EasyDiscuss. This default email template also being used by all email items in EasyDiscuss. You can find this email template at:


To create an override for default email template, you'll need to have the following folder in your site. Assuming your current Joomla template is protostar, you should be creating the following folders below:


Then, upload the default email template there. EasyDiscuss will automatically pick this email template up. The final directory will be:


Overriding Email Item Templates

There are several email item templates available in EasyDiscuss. You can find it under here:

/components/com_easydiscuss/themes/wireframe/emails/<Any Item>

As for this guide, we'll assist you to create an override for email.like.post.html.php. Assuming your current Joomla template is protostar, you'll need to create the following folder:


Then, upload the new email.like.post.html.php there. The final directory will be:


If you wish to create override template for other email item, you can follow the guide above. Rest assure that EasyDiscuss will pick up the override template file over the existing template.

In a case where your override template file doesn't get pick up, you should check for the path of the override template file with the provided path above.