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EasyDiscuss Content Plugin

This plugin adds a discussion at the bottom of the article allowing the articles to be linked to EasyDiscuss

EasyDiscuss Content Plugin


These are the parameters available for this plugin.

  • Allow comments on component
    Specify which components are allowed to use EasyDiscuss as commenting system; separated by a comma.
    (Default value: com_content, com_easyblog)
  • Where should the article be stored?
    Determine which EasyDiscuss category should the article to be stored in.
    (If not set, then EasyDiscuss will use default category of EasyDiscuss)
  • Fetch articles from these categories
    Determine any Joomla Article category to display the discussion.
  • Exclude articles from these categories
    Exclude any Joomla Article category to display the discussion.
  • Exclude article id's
    Exlude any specific Joomla Article.
    (Separate each article id by a comma e.g: 1, 2, 3 or leave blank to not exclude any articles)
  • Show read more in post
    Determine whether to append a readmore link on the discussion post.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Frontpage tools
    Determine whether to show the frontpage tools.
    (Default value: Show)
  • Show discussion link
    Determine whether to display a discussion link on the frontpage.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Show hits
    Determine whether to display hits counter on the frontpage.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Frontpage alignment
    Determine the position of hits and discussion links on the frontpage.
    (Default value: Left)
  • Show link to discussion in form
    Determine whether to display the discussion link.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Total replies to display
    Determine the total replies to be displayed on each article.
    (Default value: 5)
  • Allow reply
    Determine whether users are able to submit replies directly.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Allow likes
    Determine whether users are able to like the Joomla Article directly.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Show online users
    If enabled, users that are viewing the content will also be displayed.
    (Default value: Yes)
  • Login provider
    Determine which login system to be used for the login link.
    (Default value: Joomla)
  • Registration Provider
    Determine which registration system to be used for user registration.
    (Default value: Joomla)